Read our attribution guidelines for typecast.

When uploading content to an online channel (e.g. YouTube) with a free membership, your content must provide attribution to typecast. *Paid membership users can use without the attribution.

How to attribute

The attribution must include the following three contents.

1) Explanation statement

'The voice was produced in an artificial intelligence voice service called the typecast.'

2) Name of the used character in the content

If there is more than one person, you can write 'Chan-gu and 3 people'.

3) Typecast homepage URL
Copy the attribution example
This voice was produced in an artificial intelligence voice service 'Typecast.'
I have used Artificial Intelligence voice actor OO (or artificial intelligence voice actor OO and n others)

How to attribute correctly in different situation

1) When uploading to an audio platform

If you use only audio instead of video, please insert the following audio clip at the beginning of your clip.🎙

Download voice attribution audio clip

2) When the image and the text can be explained at the same time.

If there is a place where you can explain below the video, please include the attribution and the Typecast URL.

<Voice example>

3) If there is no text entry space.

* If you link a YouTube video to another homepage, please indicate the attribution in the video for at least 5 seconds.
(Place the text in white on a black background at the bottom left of the image (see example below)

<Video example>

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