Create a video using AI generated actors.

Video and speech synthesis come together to bring you realistic virtual actors.

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introducing typecast


Bring text to life with studio quality video in minutes.

Create realistic-looking AI-generated videos
just by typing in your video transcript.

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Realistic facial expressions

Easy to generate realistic facial expressions and gestures from your script.

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Create eye-catching videos quick and easy

Say goodbye to film crews and expensive equipment.
Anyone can make a studio-quality videos quickly.

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  • Subtitle
    Making subtitles takes a long time. Edit the subtitle based on the script you entered.
  • Transition
    No more external video editing tools. You can easily apply video transitions with just a click.
  • Custom virtual humans
    You can adjust the size for a better fit in your video. You can also place your virtual human in any location.
  • Custom backgrounds
    Easily upload any image as a background to your videos. You can also use green screen.

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    Make more entertaining game content.
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    Need a narration-style voice for your show?
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    Want to create a professional news content?
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    Do you need more distinctive voices?
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    Create more engaging educational content!
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    Make your content more dynamic and entertaining.