5 Websites to Download Royalty-Free Music for Your YouTube Video

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The final touch of the video is the sound, which vividly depicts the content of the video.

Nowadays, we see AI text-to-speech as a narrator in many videos, and thanks to advanced technology, not even real a voice actor needs to record this content directly. Since AI voice-over can even express its emotions with a feature like Text-to-Speech with Emotion, we now need some music to really put your content in a good mood.

If you have ever created a YouTube video, you know where to find royalty-free music from the YouTube Audio Library in the "Create" section. Here is a list of royalty-free music websites from which you can download and use it for free, in addition to the YouTube Audio Library.

1.Ben Sound

I know the struggle you go through when you finally find the right music for your video, but as soon as you click on it, it says you have to pay!

Ben Sound does not require you to pay for music as long as you credit them as the source. However, if you do not want to do that, you'll have to purchase the Pro license.

Music genres are diverse, including acoustic, pop, electronica, jazz, rock, etc.

You can use any music from Ben Sound, except for audio podcasts. Since most web services dealing with audio can't make a difference between a music file and a podcast with a music file, they prohibit the use of their music in podcasts with any license or subscription plan.

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In addition to photos and illustrations, Pixabay also offers royalty-free music. Interestingly, you do not have to specify them manually, since their music tracks are registered with Youtube Content ID. You can think of it as a digital fingerprinting system developed by Google. Of course, linking to them is desirable, but not mandatory.

Conveniently, you do not even need to register to download music from Pixabay.

a main page of Pixabay music


Incompetech offers you a wide range of options without the need to sign up. However, do not forget to correctly cite the musician Kevin MacLeod, who created all the tracks.

What makes this website so special is the nice, friendly and funny explanations of each track. For example, if you click on one of the music tracks to listen to the audio sample, you can read a statement that says, "Attention in the lobby: The show will begin shortly. Please find your seat. Souvenir programs are available for purchase at every entrance. Remember to set your bleeping devices to non-bleepie mode."

It not only provides you with music, but also an idea or clue as to where to use it properly and appropriately.

a main page of Incompetech


Mixkit allows you to use royalty-free music from its library for podcasts, social media video posts, YouTube videos, etc.

As long as you do not use the music in video games, TV or radio shows, you are free to use it in any content.

a main page of Mixkit


Are you a fan of classical music? Are you into Mozart, Bach and Beethoven? Then Musopen is the right website to download royalty-free music for your video. Classical music stays classical because it never gets old!

Fortunately, classical music is sorted by musicians, instruments, eras, etc. If you are a person with an elevated taste in classical music, you should use this website to add music to your video. It is suitable for all kinds of videos, such as travel vlogs, virtual museum visits, memorable moments of your day, whatever you want!

a main page of Musopen

Even though there are more famous websites where you can download music, like Jamendo and freemusicarchive.org, I tried to list all the websites where you can actually download music for free without paying for it.

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