5 Youtube Channel ideas without using your voice (Part 1)

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Looking for Youtube Channel ideas without using your voice?

Everyone has dreamed of being a famous Youtuber or at least having a channel that makes you a whole lot of money without you having to physically work every second. To start your own channel and monetize your Youtube video, you probably thought about the easiest way to create content.

If you are considering becoming a Youtuber for many reasons, but you hate your voice or you do not want to show your face? Here is a way to create your own channel without using your own voice!

1. Tutorial Channels

When it comes to tutorial channels, we need some clear speech tutorials with a solid plan. Even a small thing like removing a background from an image or finding out your laptop's serial number on your Windows system can be a good topic for your tutorial video.

The shorter the sweeter! So do not worry about the length of your video and start with something small as an instructional video.

People watch tutorial videos on iPad

Your camera is looking at your screen (on-screen recording), not at you. Now you need a voice to match your content.

There are AI voice services that even offer different accents of English or other languages with emotions, so give it a try. You can type out your script, create it as a voice file, and combine it into your screen recording file.

2. Storyteller

Consider yourself DJ on a radio station or podcaster. Like people would watch another series of dramas, people want to hear a good story. Why don't they just watch Disney Plus or Netflix and listen to famous Podcasts?

They want to hear or see something about the daily lives of ordinary people. No wonder why Netflix buys an interesting story to create its original content such as "Inventing Anna".

For example, if you are an avid horror fan, there are many scary story channels on YouTube, and one of those channels, Mr. Night, has over 5 million subscribers.

A screenshot of Mr.Night Youtube channel

3. Gaming

It's no surprise that people not only love to play games, but they also love to watch others play games.

There are tons of different games out there, and the genre of the game you play does not matter as long as you share your gaming experience with the masses.

Do not try to explain what the game is about, just play it and enjoy! Put some funny voices by using robot text-to-speech or character voice generator in there so people can sympathize as if they see their friends play.

A screenshot of PewDiePie Youtube channel

4. Meditation

We live in a crazy world, full of noises from outside, and more and more people are looking for a way to get out of it as the mind is concerned. Meditation is a key to targeting those who are trying to practice a healthy mindset. All you need to do is find a calming art and music and then narrate the meditation instructions in a calm, soothing voice.

A screenshot of Michael Sealey meditation Youtube channel

5. Celebrity gossip channel

This is probably the easiest way to create new content because celebrities are constantly uploading their photos to their social media.

All you have to do is scrap their photos and create slideshows with them while explaining what they are about and what they mean! People are actually watching this? Yes! One of these channels, "TheThings Celebrity," has about 8 million subscribers with those slideshows.

A screenshot of TheThings Celebrity Youtube channel
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