Is Typecast AI free? Is it good?

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Many people have asked about Typecast AI through other platforms like Quora, and here are the most accurate answers to the frequently asked questions about Typecast. Just in case we don't address the questions you're asking, please let us know, and we're definitely ready for AMA as well.

Let's get to a quick Q&A :)

1. What is Typecast AI?

Typecast is an AI voice creation tool that works like a Word document. If you can type, you can create voice content anywhere, anytime along with your video. This technology is also known for AI Voiceover, Text To Speech, etc.

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2. Is Typecast AI free?

Yes! Typecast is free as you can download a 10-minute length audio file per month. If you need a longer audio file, you can check out our pricing page. You can preview your audio file, and if you don't like it, you don't have to download it! Only the last downloaded file length is counted.

3. How can I use Typecast AI?

It's as easy as using a word document. Just remember these following three steps!

Step 1: Type, paste or import your written content.

Step 2: Select AI voice actors. Listen and choose the AI voice actors that match your content.

Step 3: Download the audio

Export audio for your use and boost your content!

4. How many voices are there in Typecast AI?

We have over 150 different voices, and new voices are being added every week!

5. Does Typecast support different languages other than English?

Yes! We support Korean in addition to English and British English. We are also working on supporting more languages.

6. Does Typecast have a cartoon voice text to speech?

Typecast offers different types of voices for users, and cartoon voice is one of them. Since Typecast voices can express emotions such as anger, sadness, and joy, cartoon voices sound lively.

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7. Can I use Typecast for my Youtube channel and monetize with it?

Yes! For detailed information, please see our attribution guidelines.

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