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There are many types of voice-over apps, including celebrity voices, funny voices, etc., but it is not easy to find the best and most natural voice over apps.

Voice-over apps have become a familiar tech, even if we are not aware of it. When you use the type to speech feature in TikTok or make your avatars and voice over with text-to-speech, we often see it when we play online.

Let's say someone records a funny TikTok video or a comedy Youtube Shorts, funny voices are the ones they want to use, but as if we cannot eat extremely spicy food or food with too much spice every day, we need a natural, human-like voice.

Movie trailer

Voiceovers are also often used for a commercial or movie trailer when the entire mood of the content depends on the voice that is being spoken.

Even when video content is perfectly made, with fabulous camera angles, lights and other elements, without the right voice behind it, it tends to get boring as it gets longer.

There is a voice-over called Typecast where you can choose from more than 200 voices. The following video was created with one of Typecast's AI voice actors using text-to-speech technology. Without knowing that it is an AI, you would believe that it was recorded by a human voice actor because of its naturalness.

A variety of voices

What makes the best voice-over app is its quality and variety. If the quality is proven to be enough to convince you to use it in your video content, then you also need to be able to choose from a variety of voices.

Typecast offers not only more than 200 voices but also all voices from different age groups, from children to the elderly.

It also offers a text-to-speech singing feature that lets you create your own rap songs.

Ease of use

Even if the technology is outstanding, if it is hard to use, it is not likely to be used by many people. Anyone who can type can easily use Typecast without having to find a tutorial or rack their brains.

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