License information

  • Unauthorized use is prohibited without our prior permission and contract, and if you use it without permission, you will be liable for civil and criminal liability based on Article 98 of the Copyright Law.
  • The name of a typecast artificial intelligence voice actor may not be changed without our prior permission and a contract.
  • Comply with the regulations.

Voice usage guidance

  • The provided audio content can be downloaded during the plan period and used for uploading on online channels.
  • There are no restrictions on using existing audio content even after the plan has expired. However, if you work on existing content to create, modify, or add new works and wish to download, please extend your plan.
  • Content created for sale purposes has the same conditions as above.
  • If you have separate companies (branches, branch offices) other than the head office (head office, main office), you need to register the branch offices (branches, branch offices) separately from the head office.
  • Even if it is an affiliated company (subsidiary) or an affiliated institution, if the business registration (unique number) is classified, it is necessary to register for each business (institution).

Voice Use Restriction

  • Use of adult arcades, adult chat rooms, inapproriate sexual vocal content, pornography, adult-related sites and goods, sex shops and accommodations, sexually immoral relationship, inappropriate sexual meeting arrangements, and other sex businesses.
  • Used as advertisements and articles/news with false information. (occupation, pseudonym, personal information, etc.)
  • Used in a form that can be mistaken for an exclusive model.
  • All other acts that damage the honor or dignity of that particular person.

Separate Agreements

  • Use of sound sources for services using auto-generated programs. (e.g, new content creation services using sound sources)
  • API Service.
  • Custom voice generation service and voice(audio) recovery service.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!
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