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5 Good Virtual Characters to Use for Text to Speech

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They say that variety is the spice of life. This can also be true when it comes to character text to speech voices.

Why stick to the same style of voice over when you have hundreds to choose from with the mouse click of a button?

We’ll go through 5 AI voices from Typecast that we think can up your content game via text to speech (TTS).

typecast ai virtual actor keybo

1. Keybo

We’ll start off with Keybo, a colorful character with a ‘goblin-like’ voice that is great for any kind of content of a fantasy nature.

His voice lends itself better to:

  • Video games
  • Animation
  • Recitation
  • Audio books

Keybo has a great video voice because of the comical nature in the way he sounds. He’s a little squeaky and quite high-pitched with odd intonation here and there.

This definitely makes him sound more unique, which could be good for anyone seeking to start using AI influencers.

typecast ai virtual actor dan

2. Dan

If you’re looking for the kind of voice that would suit documentaries or reviews then this voice is for you.

Dan speaks with a calm tone that makes the user feel at ease and interested when it comes to educational content, or content that is informing the users about a product.

Dan’s voice is available in a number of emotions and tones such as:

  • Normal
  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Angry
  • Mid Tone

typecast ai virtual actor annie

3. Annie

Sometimes you may need a younger voice to voice your content, and it is usually more difficult to find and get a child actor to create a voice-over for many reasons. Because of this, a natural-sounding AI girl is much more reasonable.

Annie speaks with a positive and energetic tone that can make your audio and video content sound more upbeat.

If you’re making educational content for children, or perhaps a story involving child characters then Annie is for you.

typecast ai virtual actor lucas

4. Lucas

Lucas is one of our first TTS AI voice actors that lets you adjust the intonation of their voice.

This allows you to get a voice that sounds more realistic because now it can match the exact context of the conversation that you have in mind.

English is a very stress-sensitive language depending on the context of the situation, and AI has a lot of difficulty understanding this.

This new intonation adjustment feature fixes all of these issues so that you can get a more natural-sounding voice.

The emotion of Lucas’ voice can be adjusted to:

  • Normal
  • Sad
  • Angry

Lucas is great for content involving video games, animation, or even a Twitch text to speech due to his high-pitch and nasaly voice.

typecast ai virtual actor michael

5. Michael

Michael will be our final choice for now, and he’s a newscaster.

His voice is quite stern and serious with a sense of urgency that makes him great for more serious news segments.

This could include news bulletins, breaking news, or even drama-related content for social media.

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