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How To Create a Virtual Actor Video

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The application of creating a virtual actor video is becoming more and more accessible to everyone.

Services that use virtual humans, such as celebrity text to speech, are starting to become a content creation solution.

Now anyone can make a video using a virtual human actor from home or in the workplace, instead of going through all the trouble of finding, hiring, and paying real actors. All of which are virtually inaccessible to most people.

Typecast offers a video creation platform to cast virtual human actors to make video content via text-to-video, and we’ll explain how!

Creating a virtual actor video

  1. Go to the typecast video editor and log in.
    typecast AI actor video editor homepage
  2. Once you’ve signed in you’ll be taken to the dashboard. Click on My projects and then + Create new followed by Video Project.
    starting new video project in typecast dashboard
  3. Now you’re in the video editor. This is where all the magic happens! From here we can start by changing and adjusting the virtual actor.
    typecast video editor with virtual actor
  4. To change the virtual actor click on the picture and then Add actor in the drop down menu.
    change ai virtual human option
  5. You will be in the character selection menu now. To change the virtual human to another one make sure you have the Virtual human checkbox checked, then select.
    virtual human actor menu
  6. With your virtual human selected we can edit even more. Make sure you have the Character tab selected on the right.
    edit virtual human actor menu
  7. With the character menu open, you can adjust the size of the virtual human actor, their position in the video, and what clothes they are wearing if that option is available.I went for the casual look, made him slightly larger, and placed him in the middle.
    edit virtual human actor menu with video
  8. You can also set the animation of the virtual human. Do you want them to fade in or out of the video, or maybe you just want them to always be there? It’s up to you!
    virtual human actor video animation menu
  9. Next thing we can do is add a background or even a green screen if you want to do your own post-production later.If you want to add one of our flat color backgrounds or a green screen then click on the Background colors tab on the right and select.For green screen, select the Chromakey toggle.
    virtual human actor video background color and screen screen menu
  10. If you want to upload and use a custom image for the background then click on the Images tab on the right.
    virtual human actor video background and image menu
  11. Then, click on Upload an image and select your image.This will place the image in the center. You can increase the size and aspect ratio of the image by dragging the corners or sides until you get the desired shape and size.
    background adjustment in virtual human actor video editor
  12. You don’t have to add an image just for the background! You can add more images and layer them on top.Like so.
    image adjustment in virtual human actor video editor
  13. With the virtual actor, background, and images set up we can get the virtual actor to say what we want them to say!We can start this by clicking on the text box below where it says ‘Please enter text’ and type their lines.You can also paste in the dialogue if you’ve already written it elsewhere.
    script and dialogue edit in virtual human actor video editor
  14. Once you’ve typed your dialogue we can preview the audio by clicking on play.Please note that you can only preview the audio. To preview both the video and audio together you will need to download. This is because the video needs to be generated
    dialogue audio play in virtual human actor video editor
  15. For now, the audio may not be quite right for what you want, so we will need to adjust that too.To do this, we can click on the Audio tab on the right, but this should automatically be open once you begin to edit the text anyway.
    audio edit in virtual human actor video editor
  16. In the audio menu, we can adjust the emotion and style of the voice, as well as it’s pacetempo, and pitch.Feel free to play around with the settings until you get the desired audio.You can learn more about how to get the exact audio you want by checking out our Getting Started guide.
    dialogue edit in virtual human actor video editor
  17. If you want to turn captions/subtitles on then you can click on the Captions tab on the right and click on the On/Off toggle.
    caption and subtitle edit in virtual human actor video editor
  18. If you look to the left of the editor you will see a slide of the scene you’re editing right now. This works much like a PowerPoint Presentation.By right-clicking on the slides, you can add a new slide to create an entirely new scene, or you can copy and paste slides how you see fit as well.I’m going to duplicate my scene by clicking on Copy, and then Paste.
    scene copy and paste in virtual human actor video editor
  19. We can also add transition effects for the cuts in between slides/scenes.To do this, click on the small Set transition effect box in between your slides. This will apply a transition effect in between the slides where you clicked the box.
    set transition effect in virtual human actor video editor
  20. Once you click on the Set transition effect box it will open up a small menu containing all of the transitional effects you can apply.I will use Fade for mine!Please make sure to save your video project if it hasn’t automatically been saved already! You can do this by clicking on Save project in the top right.
    slide transition effects menu in virtual human actor video editor
  21. Once you’re happy with your entire video project we can finally download the video.Click on Download in the top right corner to begin.
    download project in virtual human actor video editor
  22. This will bring up the downloader menu.You can either download in HD high-definition at 1280 x 720 resolution or FHD full high-definition at 1920 x 1080 resolution depending on your payment plan status.
    download settings menu in virtual human actor video editor

Your first virtual human video

Congratulations! You just made your first video featuring a virtual human.

Typecast will continue to add more virtual humans from all different countries in future as well as improving and adding more features to the video editor.

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