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How to Make Custom Voices

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Custom voice can be used in many ways and the creation of the custom voice should vary depending on the use case.

A certain type of profession, such as that of a voice actor, was the one that produced custom voices on demand. But many people have now started creating their custom voices, and sometimes even celebrities create their voices to interact with their fans or make money from them.

To create a highly synthetic natural voice identical to a person, we can try different methods and technologies.

1. Record voice

To create custom voices, we first need to record a voice. This is an important part where technology shines. If a company that makes custom voices has its own technology and capabilities, you do not have to spend hundreds of hours recording your voice in a studio.

Sometimes you do not even have to record voices if you are too busy to record them properly in a studio.

Neosapience created the custom voices of the famous boy band BTS to let fans learn Korean by listening to their favorite members of the group.

2. Train an AI

Once valuable data has been collected, it’s time to train an AI to perfectly copy that person’s voice. Think of it like the training and education of a child just entering school.

The AI voice even speaks better than that of an actual person providing the original data. Therefore, text to speech deep voice could be generated like the video below.

Moreover, it can speak languages that the actual person does not speak. The AI assumes how that person sounds when speaking different languages based on their native language and perfectly generates another version of them speaking different languages flawlessly.

3. Provide as a form of what you need

Now you have a perfect custom AI voice that sounds exactly like you or the person you want to give the custom voice to. But how do you want to use it? Just like you need a phone or smart speaker to call Siri or Alexa, we need a medium to generate text into the target voice.

With more than a million Typecast users satisfied with what they can use, Neosapience offers what a person who wants to use a custom voice can use.

If you want to use the custom voice, you just need to type what you want and let it speak in the custom voice.

Many popular streamers, celebrities and lecturers want to create custom voices because it saves them time and energy. Sometimes we also create the voice of a family member to remember them, even if they are no longer with us.

Technology proposes to go the way, and it is up to us how to go it!

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