How to Sync Video and Audio

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Have you ever experienced watching a video where the audio does not match with the video? For example when there is an awkward 3 seconds delay, where you only hear the audio after the scene just passed. The audio delay ruins the overall experience despite how good the story plot is. Read this article to learn how to sync video and audio for a better experience. 

If you are yet to shoot a video, or if you have already finished recording but only realized that the video and audio sync is off, there are different ways to ensure that you deliver a well-made content.

Checklist before shooting your video

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If you are yet to shoot a video, but are worried about how to sync video and audio, this is fairly simple. Prepare a small checklist prior to your shoot. Make sure that you think through the tiniest details to minimize editing efforts in the later stage. 

Using a clipboard when recording can help to sync video and audio. Creating a sync point such as clipboard or verbally stating “action” like the filmmakers, can provide a reference in lining up the video and audio. These points can also come in handy when editing in the later stage. 

You could also prepare an external mic. If you have audio recorded on both your camera and an external mic, it trims down on the time taken on synchronization by simply matching up the two audio files. Although it may require a little extra work to ensure that the two audio files are completely in sync with one another, it will certainly save time in the post-production stage. 

Sync video and audio after shooting

If your audio does not match with your video after you finished filming, you can manually sync them using an audio editing software. There are various subscription based or free software that can help you auto sync video and audio files. 

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One of the common programs that audio and videographers use is Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is an editing software that allows users to create and edit videos easily and professionally. This program has many preset options such as manual and auto sync video and audio.

How to sync video and audio manually

  1. Select audio and video files in your media bin.
  2. Drag your files onto the project timeline and position the video file above your audio file.
  3. Reference the audio wavelength in your audio file to line it up with the audio from your video file.
  4. In order to line up the audio file with the video file, manually drag it and play them together to ensure that they are in sync. 
  5. Delete the audio from your video file and link two files together. 

How to sync video and audio automatically

One of the benefits of using Adobe Premiere Pro is that it allows you to sync multiple audio files with a single video file. This feature comes in handy especially if you have multiple audio files to add to your video. Instead of merging each individual audio file one by one, Premiere Pro allows you to do it in one action. 

  1. Select audio and video files in your media bin 
  2. Press [Control] button on PC or [Command] button on Mac then select the clips you would like to merge. You can select up to 16 audio files for one video file. 
  3. After selecting clips, you will see [Merge Clips] menu
  4. Select [Audio] under [Synchronize Point] menu bar
  5. After your video file has been synced automatically, a new file will be created.
  6. Drag the new file to your project timeline and select [Remove Audio from AV Clip] to delete audio from your video file. 

Work from your Premiere Pro full screen to make necessary edits easily and fast. Premiere Pro also offers the option to cut time music, and edit background music that best fit your video. Explore the various preset options and menu bars to find out more about the benefits of using Adobe Premiere Pro. 

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