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Need to create a video but do not have the skills? There are many tools for creating videos and AI Video Maker is one of them that you can use.

If the AI video generator sounds unfamiliar to you, it is time to get to know it. It automates video creation and even allows you to cast actors for a video. Still confused? Let’s explore step by step.


Have you ever heard of text-to-speech? Literally, it means that when you type in a text, a voice output plays back what you have typed. In addition to text-to-speech technology, we can now also use text-to-video technology.

What comes to mind when you hear making videos? It can vary from person to person, but it usually involves storyboard design, casting actors, shooting in a studio or outdoors, and editing.

If you use a product that allows you to turn your text into video content with AI avatars, you can easily create a video by coming up with an idea and typing it in. You can skip many processes, and the quality will be flawless.

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There are several types of AI video generators, such as turning your text into an animated presentation with voice-over or providing still images after the AI figures out what you have typed. You can also have a text to speech avatar. To be specific, some provide an option of an actor video where AI avatars act out what you have typed.

No matter how good the technology is, if it’s hard to use, we wouldn’t call it a good service. It is simple and easy to use Typecast, as you can set different backgrounds and insert subtitles just like in a PowerPoint presentation.


All in all, you do not need to have any special skills to create a video since there is a tool that provides an actor and even a studio. You just have to input what you want your actor to say, and the video will be ready in a second.

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The AI generated text-to-speech program with voices so real it's worth trying