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Build a compelling video storyboard with AI voices

Ever wanted to create an engaging fantasy story? How about a spooky horror video? You’ll be able to make AI with life-like voices read out your script, so you don’t have to record anything.


How to generate
AI voice overs for your story

  • Log in to Typecast

    Click on ‘Create new’ and select a ‘New Project,’ ‘New Shorts Project,’ or import your own document file.
  • Type down your script

    Select a character of your choice to voice out your script. You may test out the voice to see if it matches the tone of your content
  • Give emotions to your virtual actor

    Customize the tone, speech pace, pitch, or add pauses to your script to make your content sound natural and expressive.
  • Download your voice text file

    Choose which file type you’d like to download and adjust the quality on the settings.
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Just type down your script,
Let an AI Voice do the storytelling for you

Typecast lets you spend more time on crafting a great story,
by saving you the trouble of finding a voice actor, production team, and recording studio.

drawing of the actor
Character recommendation
  • 1. Julia
    drawing of the actor
    If you don’t know which voice to get started with, Julia is a great first pick, her clear and crisp voice can make any story lively
  • 2. Nathan
    drawing of the actor
    If you want to go for interesting, you’ll want to try out Nathan. His tone is great for communicating short stories.
  • 3. Killian the Vampire
    drawing of the actor
    If you’re looking to make someone’s skin scrawl, then Vampire Killian is the best voice to use for your next spooky ghost story
Not sure how to get started?
Take a look at one of our templates

Choose from one of our text to voice templates to help you get started

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