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Revolutionize Employee Training Videos with AI voice overs

Elevate your employee training with our AI-generated videos. Our innovative technology creates engaging content that improves learning outcomes and keeps your team motivated.


Effortlessly Create High-Quality Training Videos
with AI Voice Over Generator

  • Log in to Typecast

    Click on ‘Create new’ and select a ‘New Project,’ ‘New Shorts Project,’ or import your own document file.
  • Type down your script

    Select a character of your choice to voice out your script. You may test out the voice to see if it matches the tone of your content
  • Give emotions to your virtual actor

    Customize the tone, speech pace, pitch, or add pauses to your script to make your content sound natural and expressive.
  • Download your voice text file

    Choose which file type you’d like to download and adjust the quality on the settings.
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Streamline your training video production
with AI voice over technology

Typecast makes creating professional-quality voice overs for your training videos a breeze.
Simply type your script and let our AI technology do the rest.

drawing of the actor
Character recommendation
  • 1. Charlotte
    drawing of the actor
    Warm and friendly voice with a hint of authority. Ideal for professional and engaging training videos.
  • 2. Jake
    drawing of the actor
    Strong and authoritative voice with a no-nonsense tone. Ideal for serious and professional training videos.
  • 3. Mia
    drawing of the actor
    Youthful and energetic voice with a natural enthusiasm. Ideal for friendly and approachable training videos.
Not sure how to get started?
Take a look at one of our templates

Choose from one of our text to voice templates to help you get started

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