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What Is ChatGPT and How It Can Be Used

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New artificial intelligence has been the latest trend in the technology field. OpenAI recently announced their chatbot called ChatGPT following their release of DALL-E, which is an AI image generator.

Just like Apple’s ‘Siri’, Google’s ‘Alexa’, Naver’s ‘Clover’ and other AI companies have enabled us to chat with AI. If we give them verbal input, they would go through their database to produce an output. 

OpenAI GPT-3 background technology works similarly, but better and more advanced, arguably the best AI chatbot. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that interacts more conversationally, just like talking to your friend.

“ChatGPT is a project from the OpenAI organization and an attempt to make “talking” with an AI feel smooth and natural, almost like a conversation between humans would. Users can ask the AI questions in an instant-message-like feature, probing the knowledge collected for the model. ChatGPT will answer the questions in full sentences, trying to mimic the rhythm of a conversation.”

Pranshu Verma & Rachel Lerman, The Washington Post

Ideally, ChatGPT is trained to ask follow-up questions and it will also recognize if it made a mistake. OpenAI has not revealed which data they used to train their ChatGPT model, but the company said that ChatGPT is trained on enormous amounts of text data by crawling the web.

Benefits of using ChatGPT

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Other than the fact that you could now chat with AI in a more natural way, there are a lot of benefits that come along with ChatGPT. It can handle a wide range of tasks and inquiries, which can be very useful for long manual processes. If you use ChatGPT for time-consuming or repetitive tasks, instead of human resources, it will be much more efficient for your business. 

Imagine having a customer chatbot that understands your needs. It can enhance customer experience and provide personalized assistance. Even at times of troubleshooting, chat with AI could provide customers with the right assistance 24/7, allowing your customers to experience a seamless helpdesk service and increasing customer satisfaction.

In simpler words, ChatGPT can be a powerful tool for businesses to improve their service and operation procedures. Instead of human resources, using a ChatGPT will not only be more efficient but will also allow businesses to relocate human resources to more important tasks. 

However, to provide a seamless experience for the customers, you have to plan your conversation strategy. This also includes a lot of trial and error for the best user experience. 

Adapting the ChatGPT model to Whatsapp business

With the aforementioned benefits of ChatGPT, if you adapt it to Whatsapp business models, you can save a lot of time and money. By using machine learning algorithms, ChatGPT can determine your customer’s preferences and tailor their responses to each user, and even make suggestions for their purchases. 

Other than Whatsapp, artificial intelligence has been adopted in a wide variety of industries. Ranging from AI films to avatars, we see the use of artificial intelligence expanding day by day. So, if you are interested in adapting ChatGPT or other chat with AI services, make sure to read this article until the end! 

How to use ChatGPT

If you are ready to chat with AI, get started on your first ChatGPT journey by creating an account. 

  1. Open chat.openai.com and create an account.
chatgpt log in UI
  1. Click Sign Up and say Create an OpenAI account.
chatgpt create an account UI
  1. Fill out your email and password.
  2. Verify your email and phone number.

After creating an account with OpenAI, you will be greeted with standard disclaimers. Make sure to read them thoroughly, as it includes the fact that AI trainers may review your interaction with the ChatGPT to review the system’s performance.

Once you log in to the platform, you will see their dashboard where you could chat with an AI bot.

Using ChatGPT responsibly

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For years, we have used virtual assistants based on artificial technology such as Siri, Alexa, and Clover. Although the chat with AI may have not been the best or most useful feature, modern-day AI technology has made its advancements. 

Ever since the ChatGPT was released in November 2022, people have been experimenting with the new tool ever since. Soon, they realized that ChatGPT can be used to write essay homework, some even suggest that it can be used to launch cyberattacks. 

When a user inputs a specific instruction, the ChatGPT will produce a set of code and explanations on running and implementation. Check Point Research, a security company, claims that this ability enables hackers to design, write and execute malicious code more easily. 

From phishing emails to VBA code that could infect your laptop once opened, some people have taken the OpenAI GPT-3 background technology for malicious use. 

Likewise, if you ask ChatGPT to write your essay homework, it will get the job done with plausible arguments. However, you can never guarantee that the ideas and content are original. Since ChatGPT gathers information by crawling websites, if other users posted false information on the same topic, you could be referencing that misinformation in your essay.

Keep in mind that all artificial intelligence bots cannot think independently. They produce what we tell them to, but they have yet to develop the ability to think for themselves and to understand the actual content. ChatGPT is incredibly limited and you would be at risk to trust ChatGPT with important information.

In conclusion, ChatGPT can be a great benefit for your company. It can reduce costs and help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. However, you still have to ensure that the chat with AI is providing your customers with the right kind of information. Also, continue to receive customer feedback and seek areas of improvement. 

Continuous efforts to provide the best and most seamless customer support will eventually lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty which will greatly benefit your business in the future.

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