How AI Can Improve Customer Experience

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Statistics show that bad customer experience can affect brand sales and also poorly reflect on a brand’s image. Additionally, customer experience is one of the deciding factors for client attrition. With AI actively immersing itself in various facets of the digital world, businesses wonder if AI can improve customer experience.

Financial institutions are increasingly turning to chatbots as a cost-efficient substitute for human customer service agents. Surveys show that around 37% of the U.S. population has interacted with a financial institution’s chatbot in 2022. Financial services have also seen a striking reduction in false positives (60%), and an improvement in fraud detection (50%) due to the use of AI. 

Leveraging AI for your business

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Today, many companies operate on a product-first, rather than a customer-first approach. This makes it hard for various teams such as marketing, product, IT, and sales to collaborate. Additionally, many companies do not utilize customer data to improve customer experience.  

AI can play a great role in determining the correct way to reach customers, deliver curated content, and offer incentives for retention. 

Here are some ways businesses, product marketers, and customer service reps can leverage AI to improve customer service and increase sales.

Create data engines

A customer’s interaction with a brand involves several phases e.g., research, cost comparison, discounts, return buying patterns, and more. During each of these phases, valuable data can be collected.

This data can be used to create data engines that curate customer’s data to understand behaviors, patterns, and interactions.

For instance, customer A’s past sales records show that almost all of their purchases revolve around business/formal attire e.g., pants, blazers, vests, etc. By utilizing this data, businesses can pinpoint the products and services that have the highest potential for capturing that customer’s interest down the road.

Don’t underestimate the power of email addresses 

Today many retail companies, such as Lululemon and TJ Maxx ask customers for their email addresses when purchasing products at the store counter.

This isn’t just a great way for customers to have a digital print of their receipts in case they lose their paper copies, it is also a clever marketing technique where such customer data can be used to create targeted campaigns based on gender and location.

While this is specific to brick-and-mortar companies, digital businesses can also incorporate personal data collection through surveys, contact us pages, newsletters, and more.

It is important, though, to ensure that the customer consents to collection of their data, and also to receiving any marketing emails or content from you.

Create quick content

AI uses vast amounts of data to produce a variety of content within minutes. This includes stories, email campaigns, podcast scripts, catchy one-liners, and other types of targeted content.

As a brand, keeping your customers up to date about your products and services is crucial. When businesses are short-staffed and experience time crunch, simple actions such as creating an FAQ page for your website may feel like a difficult feat. However, with AI, you can create such content quickly, tailoring it to your brand’s voice and style.

Reduce churn rate

According to a new Calabrio research, 60% of consumers have switched brands due to a negative contact center experience. In another survey, six out of ten American consumers were reluctant to return to a store after a negative product return experience. 

By analyzing customer behavior and interaction through AI, you can uncover areas where the customer has shown dissatisfaction. This will help you predict those who are likely to churn. Utilizing this information, you can pinpoint areas where you could improve and implement better retention strategies.

Create human-sounding content

Another way you can use AI to improve customer experience is through text to speech translator or software.

Long gone are the days when AI was associated solely with robotic voices. Today, text-to-speech assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri generate human-sounding voices to answer various commands. This is all possible through natural language processing (NLP). NLP enables computers to communicate using natural human language through mediums such as speech and written text, among others.

By creating customer-centered content that’s also AI-generated, businesses can attract their audience at a more personal level.

While some businesses are utilizing AI assistants, the concept of AI influencers is also on the rise. Miquela is a 19-year-old robot– an Instagram personality – who has over 2.7 million followers. She has worked with some of the big designer names including Prada, Dior, and Calvin Klein. 

Text to speech technology has become so advanced that you can easily create AI characters that can speak and interact with their audience. 

Typecast – the best voice accent creator

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Typecast is a voice impression generator or voice accent creator offering 300+ characters. These characters range from rappers, and musicians, to newscasters and advertisers. 

On Typecast, you can utilize various generative AI tools to create a character with customized tone and style variations. For example, if you want to generate a voice for your product demonstration examples, you can use voices such as Rebecca, Lucas, and Steve.

Duke, Derek, Julia, and Justin are great voice-overs for creating documentary-related content. Typecast also offers children characters who are great for promoting children-related products and services. Annie, Camila, Billie, Leo, and Tommy are cute, funny, and entertaining children voices.

Using Typecast AI for customers

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Creating customer-centered content with Typecast is super easy! Simply create a Typecast account and get started.

From a range of our AI characters, choose the one that resonates best with your message. Create your project using Typecast’s dashboard which offers a myriad of options to tweak your character according to your preferences. You can increase or decrease a pitch, adjust the tone, and choose an emotion for your character.

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