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Today, we’re proudly introducing Typecast’s new AI voice model, the Typecast Speech Synthesis Foundation Model, or Typecast SSFM for short, which is our next generation text-to-speech technology that brings text to life with unparalleled naturalness and expressiveness.

Whether you realize it or not, AI speech synthesis is already woven into the fabric of our lives. From educational tablets teaching children the alphabet to the natural-sounding audio guides we encounter daily, AI speech synthesis has become a familiar technology. 

Now, the focus is shifting towards incredibly realistic, highly expressive, and flawlessly human-like speech synthesis. If you still find yourself questioning how close AI can come to sounding human, then you haven’t yet experienced the Typecast Speech Synthesis Foundation model.

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TTS technology: Then and now

Have you ever been lulled to sleep by a meditation audiobook or video, unaware that the soothing voice may have been powered by AI? Imagine someone simply inputting the text and choosing a suitable voice, and voilà, instant meditation content.

Though you might expect AI voices to sound perfectly human, traditional models often fall short due to limitations that remain in text-to-speech technology.

Researchers may report their models achieving human-like performance in controlled settings, but real-world application reveals a lack of nuance that can impede the technology’s ability to truly connect with diverse audiences.

Typecast addresses these limitations through a meticulously designed model, the Speech Synthesis Foundation Model (SSFM).

Trained on a substantial proprietary speech dataset, SSFM overcomes the shortcomings identified in previous generations of AI voices. The following sections explore SSFM’s capabilities and exciting future developments.

Natural, humanlike text-to-speech

With over 100 AI voices representing diverse ages and genders, Typecast empowers you to find the perfect fit for your content creation needs. However, the true essence of a compelling voice lies in its naturalness. Many creators hesitate to use text-to-speech tools due to concerns about unnatural-sounding voices.

Typecast addresses this challenge with the introduction of our new voice model, SSFM. This innovative model goes beyond simply reading text. It analyzes the context of your sentences to understand the intended mood and even infuses them with nuances of pitch and energy.

Simply input your script, and SSFM takes care of the rest. Say goodbye to time-consuming post-production edits – that’s where AI excels!

Text-to-speech with emotion

The magic of human speech? Emotion. Something mere words struggle to convey. But Typecast’s SSFM, a revolutionary AI voice model, injects your content with a spectrum of emotions.

Unlike traditional text-to-speech, SSFM transcends simple reading. It leverages a vast library of emotional speech samples to capture the subtle nuances of human feeling.

Infuse your content with emotion! Simply provide SSFM with specific emotion cues through a prompt, or reference existing emotional speech samples. SSFM will then generate the corresponding audio. 

typecast SSFM text to speech editor
Typecast SSFM Text-to-Speech editor
typecast SSFM text to speech emotion prompt
Typecast SSFM Text-to-Speech emotion prompt

To experience the impact of SSFM’s emotional range, click the play button below to listen to examples of anger, sadness, and happiness.

If you require a different emotional tone or wish to explore further nuances, you can utilize the “Take” button on the right side of the screen. This feature allows you to fine-tune the emotional expression to perfectly match your content’s needs.

Imagine yourself as a director. You can cast voice actors and guide their performances to match your vision. How many takes can you request? Practically unlimited! These voice actors are highly professional and can handle multiple takes without getting easily exhausted.

AI Rappers: The Secret Weapon for Unique Content

People use AI voices to save time and money, but the key is creating content that truly connects. After all, content creation is pointless if it doesn’t resonate with anyone.

Typecast offers a wide range of voices, including unique options like AI rappers.

Experimenting with AI can add a cool factor and set your content apart. We understand you might be skeptical about AI rapper quality, so we’ve prepared audio samples to showcase their capabilities.

🗣 Script: 

"Yo, listen up, let me introduce you to my AI crew. Sharper than a razor, smarter than a guru. We're running code, breaking molds, no need to play it cool. We're the future, revolutionizing every rule."

Typecast SSFM

Microsoft Azure

OpenAI TTS-1-HD (Alloy)

*The audio was not edited or post-processed.

Hear for yourself: Try Typecast SSFM today!

Typecast’s new AI voice model, SSFM, pushes the boundaries of traditional text-to-speech technology. We’ve seen how SSFM uses a massive library of emotional speech samples to capture the true essence of human feeling.

This allows you to breathe a spectrum of emotions into your content. But why just read about it?

🗣 Script: 

"I'm absolutely thrilled with the results, so thank you for your help! Now I can relax this weekend because I'm finally done with everything."

Typecast SSFM

Microsoft Azure

OpenAI TTS-1-HD (shimmer)

*The audio was not edited or post-processed.

Now it’s your turn to experience the power of SSFM firsthand. Start Typecast SSFM for free to experiment with SSFM’s capabilities and unleash the potential of expressive AII voices in your own content creation.

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