How to Get a Kanye West Text to Speech

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When Kanye dropped 808s & Heartbreak, it was far from a traditional album – rather it involved the use of auto-tune, which changed the sound of hip-hop for the years to come. For creators and fans of Kanye, creating a text-to-speech Kanye West voice can be a great way to attract your YouTube and gaming audience.

What is Kanye West’s voice?

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Kanye West’s voice can be categorized as a baritone voice – a deep and rich sound. It falls somewhere between a bass and a tenor. When he raps, the voice may come across as muffled at times.

Many Uberduck alternatives offer Kanye West text-to-speech voices. However, Typecast is one of the best AI voice cloning and AI voice generator tools that offers several baritone voices. These voices can be perfect for imitating Kanye West’s voice and for utilizing it in your YouTube content.

Here are some of the best baritone sounds on Typecast that you can use for Kanye West’s text-to-speech:


With a perfect pitch for rapping, Carlos’ voice encompasses the right notes similar to Kanye’s. It has the perfect speech pace and tempo for rapping. Use Carlos’ voice to push boundaries in your content and make it rap-pealing to your audience. 


As deep as Kanye’s voice, Lloyd is a perfect text to rap voice imitating Kanye’s voice. It has the perfect pitch to convey the raw emotions and emo feelings that are often associated with Kanye West’s voice and songs. 


Similar to Carlos’ voice, Sean is also a great choice for creating Kanye West text-to-speech. Though Sean’s voice is not ideal for rapping, it is great for conversational content.

How to use Typecast voicechanger to get Kanye West voice

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Typecast is an AI voicechanger, that allows creators to produce text-to-speech content within minutes. Typecast offers 400+ characters with diverse voices to choose from. You can find anything under the roof, ranging from documentary voices to gaming and animated voices.

To create Kanye West text-to-speech voice using Typecast, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Typecast website and log into your account. 
  2. Scroll down to see a list of recommended characters. Click view all
typecast recommended characters screen
  1. In the search bar, type baritone male voice. You can also use different word combinations or just type baritone.
typecast characer search
  1. Select a character from the list. For example, Carlos.
  2. Click Create a Project or a Short, depending on the type of content you are creating.
choose a typecast character
  1. The Typecast dashboard is where you generate voice from text. In the paragraphs window, add the text you want to convert to speech.
typecast editor
  1. You can also tweak elements such as emotion, speech pace, pauses, intonation, tempo, and pitch from the menu on the right. These features are only available for pro members.
  2. Click the orange play button to play your audio clip and make adjustments as necessary.

Once you have finished creating your Kanye West rap, you can download your audio or video clip on your computer. 

  1. Click the Download button from the bottom right corner.
  2. Select Audio file from the drop-down menu.
  3. Add a File name and choose MP3 or WAV as your File Type.
  4. Click Download. Your audio file will be downloaded to your computer.

Have fun with your Kanye West text-to-speech – responsibly! And also don’t forget to mention that your content is AI-generated and not real Kanye West’s voice.

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