How We Made a Korean Trump AI Voice

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Donald Trump is not just an ex-president of the United States, he is also a popular controversial figure. With his non-conventional choice of words, and grandiose personality, he has garnered a huge following as well as opposition from critics. A Korean Trump AI voice is our way of adding a dash of entertainment to your content. 

With our voice impersonator software, Typecast, we made the Korean Trump AI voice.

The hilariously accurate Trump’s Korean accent, where he is speaking to the Korean National Assembly, and the preparation for a meeting with the North Korean leader are just examples of the type of amusing content you can create using his voice.  

Typecast’s cross-lingual speech synthesizer mimics a person’s voice and can develop full sentences. This allows creators and meme-enthusiasts like you to dabble in your creativity and create viral content.

In this article, we’ll explore how we made the Korean Trump AI voice 

How to create Korean Trump AI voice

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A speech generator like Typecast uses voice cloning to create replicas of celebrity voices, like Trump AI voice. You can also use the software to clone your own voice, or the voice of your friends and family members.

As of September 2023, Typecast’s Voice Cloning software has officially launched. To learn more about the software and steps to create a cloned voice, see Your Voice, Our Tech: Typecast’s Voice Cloning Takes Off

Using Donald Trump AI voice 

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After you have created your custom voice on Typecast, you can download it for free on your computer. You can then use this voice in your AI YouTube videos, like we did, or prank your friends. 

Remember to be ethical when using the AI voices of celebrities. You should mention that you used AI software to generate the voice. This prevents deepfake scams and ensures accountability of the content you put out there.

Typecast: Donald Trump voice generator 

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Having traits that a typical US president would not possess, Trump is well-known for his unique style of speaking, word choice, and outspokenness. Our Donald Trump voice generator allows you to take advantage of Trump’s popularity and use it in your online content. 

A Korean Trump AI voice is a creative way to attract your audience who have an interest in funny content.

You can create videos such as Trump loves BTS or have Trump talk about Kdramas. Your Trump may have also learned Korean counting up to 10, which he can fluently narrate. To make things a little more comical, make him say Oppa multiple times. Truly, the sky is the limit! 

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