Top 5 Text to Speech Meme Voices

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Meme voices are highly popular in American culture and are also widespread across the world. Meme voices can be used to create new memes or refurbish existing memes so here’s our top 5 text to speech meme voices.

When Chris Gleason published his TikTok video Nobody’s gonna know. They’re gonna know, he did not imagine it to become viral. From hiding a pizza slice when cutting a large pizza to pregnancy announcements, his audio has been used in at least 336,000 other videos. 

Quandale Dingle is a high school kid who became a meme due to his unique name. Many AI generators or deepfake software offer Quandale Dingle text to speech feature that allows creators to use his voice in their meme content. 

Using meme voices for your videos and podcasts can bring an element of uniqueness and fun to your content. When used correctly, meme voices can be a great way to build your following and traffic.

What is text to speech meme voice?

In simple words, a meme is an act of imitation that is copied from one person to the next and carries an idea or a meaning behind it. A meme voice generator allows creators to use text to speech to create meme voice. 

Today, AI text-to-speech generators offer a number of voice actors that can be used to create meme audio.

Creators can utilize meme actors to generate content that users find interesting and can share with others. Remember that you can never predict if your content will go viral. That is often not for the creator to decide, rather if the viewers connect well with your content and find it interesting, you may have a chance at going viral.

However, the intention of creating content should not just be focused on creating viral content, but rather on something you enjoy. If you create content you love, you will be able to stick to it for the long run. Focus on enjoying the content creation process, and the fame, if you are lucky, will come along the way.

Typecast – The online voice over tool

Typecast is an AI online voice over tool that allows creators to add an audio voice as a narration to their videos. You can choose voices in various languages including English, Korean, and AI Japanese voices.

Whether you are creating content for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch, you can use Typecast’s vast selection of characters to bring some oomph to your content. Why go for boring robotic AI voices when you can turn your audio into a vampire’s voice or Slushy the Snowman’s?

Top 5 text to speech meme voices on Typecast

Typecast library offers voices for content such as documentaries, reporting, ad promotion, education, animation, and more. 

Here are the top 5 text to speech meme voices on Typecast that you can use in your next online video.


The British royalty, Margaret or Marge for short is always late to a party and leaves early. Not everyone around her understands her sass. She keeps people on their toes and doesn’t allow anyone to ruin her day.

Margaret is a great text to speech meme for British creators or those who love incorporating some of that English ‘charm’ into their stories. Use Typecast’s British accent generator to create voices such as Margaret’s.


Ah, the bitter Carlos – always feels like his friends use him for favors and never return those favors. As a result, he has lost trust in people. He embodies a different persona when he is out with friends but at home, he is his real self.

Carlos is a reflection of many people today who get taken advantage of. Using him as your voice-over meme can help you connect with a lot of people in your audience.


Kids-related funny memes are often the most entertaining ones on the internet. Toddlers bumping into things, babies sleeping while eating – we all love to watch such content.

Ruby’s voice is for all content creators who feature kids in their videos. Often it’s hard to get kids to sit down and record a voice-over script. Ruby can come in handy for such videos. All you have to do is upload the script into the Typecast tool and it will generate an audio for you in Ruby’s voice.

Leo is the boy alternative to Ruby. Other kid voices on Typecast that you can use are Alex, Annie, Doughnut, and Ella. 


This deep robotic voice is great for creators who generate games-related content. Koombot is a villainous robot who is ready to fight the other robots in the city. He is confident in his powers and can easily destroy his enemies.

Koombot’s voice is unique and can be an excellent choice for text to speech meme voice for Twitch and YouTube.


Gandalf’s counterpart Sindarin is the Wizard of Glenisdale. He is known for his power and magical abilities. No one crosses Sindarin’s path. 

Sindarin’s voice has the right pitch and coarseness suitable to be used for an old man’s character. 

If you are creating a magical story or want to introduce a wizard in your online content, Sindarin won’t disappoint you. 

What is a cartoon voice over app

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An app that allows users to create animated or cartoon voiceovers for narrations is typically categorized as a cartoon voice-over app.

Typecast offers many cartoon voices, including Furnando, Keybo, Slushy, Doughnut, Jack-O-Lantern, and more.

Cartoon voices are ideal for content creators who generate content targeted to children. Teachers can use these voices in lessons to make them more engaging for the students. Animators can utilize cartoon voices for their animated characters, bringing more life and fun to them.  Truly, the sky is the limit!

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