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An anime voice has a unique charm that normal voice actors do not have, and if you cannot sound like an eccentric anime voice actor, there is text-to-speech software you can use.

Voice narrator software is often thought of as a robotic, less reliable tool but actually, technology has improved a lot.

Although there are even text-to-speech memes, since the typical voices of text-to-speech often sound strange, there is another benefit that you can definitely take advantage of.

There are many different types of voices on Typecast, from children to the elderly, and today I’d like to introduce you to the perfect voices for anime.


When we think of the typical anime voice, we must have a child’s voice. Betty’s voice is lovely, and you can even control her emotional characteristics like anger, joy and sadness.

If vocaloid created English vocal voices exactly like Japanese style, it would sound like Betty.

Her voice is often used for educational content, animation, video games, and audiobooks.

Helena & Johnny

Just as there are different genres of movies, so are there are various animes!

If you are looking for a creepy voice with special features like whispering to creep and scare someone, Helena and Johnny are your Bonnie and Clyde.

Helena can be the creepy teacher who has a secret that no one should know in the Shonen genre while Johnny can be a cold-hearted character with a warm heart inside in the Shojo anime.

Keybo & Furnando

When it comes to anime characters, they can be as cute as Pokémon, even if there are some scary-looking Pokémon.

Keybo looks a bit pixieish, while Furnando might remind you of James P. Sullivan from Monsters University.

As if they were meant to be anime characters, you can adjust their emotional characteristics to your liking!


Among the many children’s voices on Typecast, Camilla’s voice is the most popular.

Would you like to know why? Her voice, together with her intonation and the way she speaks, gives you a good anime vibe.

This type of character is suitable for kodomomuke, as it is aimed at a child audience of viewers.

Do you want to find out more voices with different age groups and characteristics?

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