AI Generated Stories: Using AI Generated Audio Stories to Teach Children

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Nowadays, if one thing is certain, not everyone learns the same way. In the world of e-learning and literature, AI generated stories are an innovative way to teach children essential skills in an engaging and interactive manner. With AI story generators, you can quickly create exciting audio stories that help foster creativity in children.

Creativity and writing skills are something that the current public education system often fails to cultivate in children due to lackluster curriculum requirements. With AI generated stories, teachers can foster these skills by quickly creating engaging stories tailored to their students and their budding imaginations. In this article, we’ll explore how you can use AI generated stories to teach children.

Why do AI generated stories make great audiobooks for lessons?

AI generated stories can provide a unique and interactive way to teach children. With tools like ChatGPT and Typecast, you can quickly create stories featuring fascinating characters, compelling storytelling, and an immersive audio experience. These stories can be tailored to any child’s interests, allowing them to learn without feeling overwhelmed or disengaged.

Additionally, AI generated stories can help break up the monotony of traditional lesson plans and keep children engaged and motivated. AI stories can help children find their voice, express themselves, and develop a curious mind using unique story ideas. How do these AI generated stories work, or rather, how can a machine create them at all; has AI finally become “aware?”

No, it’s nothing like that. There won’t be a machine uprising or sentient robots – yet.

What is generative content, and how does it work?

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AI story writing is made possible by generative AI content, which is text or audio generated by a trained AI language model. A generative AI system uses algorithms and deep machine learning technologies to create text, images, and audio that sounds like a human made them. In the case of ChatGPT and Typecast, these AI tools will act as your friendly writing assistant. 

They work well for fiction authors but can assist educators with ideating unique audio stories that their classes will enjoy. These audio stories can focus on character development, plot structure, and narrative arcs. Still, educators can easily create children’s stories with just a few words and a simple AI story generator.

What is an AI story generator?

An AI story generator is a tool that allows you to create stories with the help of specialized AI. This type of AI assists you in story generation, shaping story ideas and texts into audio dramas or audiobooks. Some examples of AI story generators include ChatGPT, Canva,, and Bing’s new search engine feature.

These AI story generators are great for creating simple children’s stories since they can quickly generate text and chapters for your stories and even build chapter summaries and detailed outlines to keep track of more complex stories. These story-maker tools use natural language processing technology to generate unique content for your stories based on your story prompts, keywords, and ideas.

How does an AI story writer work?

an AI story writer

The AI story writer is a helpful tool for generating short stories or other creative works. It’s an AI story maker that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to understand your ideas and turn them into a story, acting as an intelligent and creative assistant that only needs your guidance. This tool saves writers time and banishes writer’s block.

AI can generate stories in any genre, such as crime, mystery, horror, and science fiction, with endless possibilities. AI story writers can write fiction genres but aren’t typically used to create children’s books and lessons. The best part about an AI story maker is that they don’t require much effort from the writer. You provide the base story prompt, and the AI will do the rest.

So, if you’re looking to quickly create engaging stories for children, why not use an AI-generated short story? But what about AI story writers makes them suitable for creating audio stories for children?

AI story writers act as great writing assistants because:

  • The AI story generator creates stories using algorithms that gather information from the internet database and incorporate relevant keywords.
  • The AI story writer uses deep learning and NLP to generate high-quality content.
  • AI writing tools vary in their methods. Some use a database of pre-written content for the AI to draw from, while others use AI to dictate the writing style.

Who should use an AI story writer?

AI story writers are perfect for children’s literature as creators can customize them to their age range and interests based on the prompts. Finally, they’re also helpful for any writer looking for a creative boost for generating ideas or for those short on time.

AI generated stories can be educational, entertaining, and enjoyable for children of all ages. Using AI tools with developed machine learning models and fine-tuning can create stories that will teach children valuable lessons while keeping them engaged in the narrative.

Why should teachers create funny AI generated stories for their students?

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AI writing tools can be advantageous for educators in several ways. For instance, AI writing tools can save time and boost productivity by generating text within seconds instead of performing tasks manually.

It’s well-known that teachers don’t have much time throughout their day to create engaging story-based lessons. By making lesson plans all the time, tracking data, and grading papers, their free time is limited.

Funny AI generated stories allow teachers to quickly create funny audio stories for their students while adhering to the curriculum.

Teachers can create hilarious but informative stories with minimal effort with the right prompts and keywords. Don’t be fooled; just because the writing process makes things easier and doesn’t take as much effort doesn’t mean the stories will be lacking in education.

AI generated stories can help children learn valuable lessons while allowing them to interact with the narrative, making them more invested. Teachers want to engage their students in the learning process but also need to save time. 

Two different AI story generation tools

Although AI technology is advanced, it can only generate entirely new stories with your guidance. Therefore, having a prospective idea for your audio stories before using the technology is essential. If you’re familiar with AI tools, you know that the more information you give, the more likely it is to generate a memorable story.

Using ChatGPT as an AI story generator

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ChatGPT is a deep learning generative AI tool anyone can use as a story generator. It uses state-of-the-art NLP and GPT-4 to generate high-quality stories. While AI tools can stretch the truth, this is fine if you’re creating fictional audio stories.

As a teacher, though, you’ll need to verify the facts ChatGPT puts in your audio stories, which isn’t any different from using any other AI tool. Since chat-based AI tools require detailed commands to generate quality content, users must give ChatGPT a series of requests.

To get the most out of ChatGPT, users must follow three tips:

  • If you’re writing a funny fiction story, you must provide the story arc, characters, and plot. Be sure to give the AI enough information to create an intriguing narrative.
  • If you have a main character in your story lesson, let’s say about a historical figure, ChatGPT needs all of their characteristics and backstory. The more information it receives, the better it can personalize the audio story.
  • ChatGPT also needs you to describe the world your historical figure lives in and the conflict they might experience. This helps ChatGPT create a vivid world to which your students can relate.

One of the best ways ChatGPT can contribute to a better workflow for teachers is if they use the AI story writer to write “summaries” or outlines of each lesson. That way, the teacher can quickly create an audio story from scratch without having to devise ideas and ensure that it still aligns with the task. Failing that, a teacher can also use ChatGPT as a plot generator tool to create a good story.

Creating funny AI generated stories with Typecast

In addition to using ChatGPT as an AI story generator; teachers can utilize Typecast voice overs to add more dimensions to their educational stories and breathe life into them with a unique voice. Typecast is a custom text to speech tool that pairs an AI voice generator with comprehensive tools to provide custom AI voices for your video storyboards and AI generated stories.

With Typecast, you can create funny text to song audiobooks that educate children in song form about topics that could be boring. Using a computer-generated voice, you can change language and dialects and add minor effects that make the audio sound more interesting. For instance, you can retell popular children’s songs with funny and fictional stories incorporating original music elements to make them relatable. The AI story generator provides context for the song, which helps children to remember the lyrics and get an enriching experience at the same time.

It’s easy to use Typecast to generate audio stories:

  • Cast your favorite character from our library of over 300 synthetic voices.
  • Next, type your lesson plan or deck into the content window.
  • Set a voice style for your story by adjusting the settings in the prompt window.
  • Click “Play” and allow the tool to generate an audio playback of your content using your selected voice.

Using Typecast’s voice generator, you can create seasonal Christmas stories using Typecast’s custom Santa Claus voice. The AI voiceover adds charm and personality to your seasonal stories through natural-sounding speech and can help children get more involved with the narrative.

Explore AI generated story technology with Typecast

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Incorporating an AI storyteller into the lesson plans could be the next step in providing more meaningful learning experiences for children. AI-generated stories can add fun and creativity to lessons, making learning more fun and fulfilling. At Typecast, we fully support educators and their ability to create stories that bring joy and knowledge to their students.  

We believe in AI generated stories’ power to help children connect with topics they are learning, and we are here to help everyone bring their story to life. So, if you’re looking for ways to add more creative elements to your lessons or are curious to explore new ideas with AI generated story technology, Typecast is here for you.

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