How to Turn Text to Song With an AI Voice Generator

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As Artificial Intelligence and text-to-speech tools continue to improve and evolve, so does the scope of what can be achieved with text. For example, are you looking for a way to turn text into a song without learning complex music composition? With the help of AI voice generators and text to song converters, it’s now possible to create unique soundtracks and stories by typing your favorite words or poem.

Creators can use this technology to create music from scratch or augment existing sound pieces. So whether you’re a musician looking for new creative tools and ideas, or just a curious user keen to explore the possibilities of text to music conversion, this guide will explain how you can use a powerful and easy-to-use AI voice generator to turn your text into a song.

What is a text to song generator?

Text to song generators convert text into music from any genre. Then, using AI technology, they can detect the tone and emotion of your words and automatically generate a melody that fits with it. With this tool, you don’t have to be a trained musician to create beautiful music; even if it isn’t beautiful, it will be unique.

The main focus of AI voice generators, free text-to-speech tools, and similar technology until this point is to match the text with a realistic-sounding voice. However, AI is now sophisticated enough to analyze the content of your text and translate it into an appropriate musical accompaniment. You only need to write a few words or sentences; the AI will do the rest.

How does a text to song generator work?

a talented music producer creating songs with AI

A text to song generator uses advanced algorithms to analyze the text’s mood and tone. Understanding the text’s context and emotion can generate a unique song tailored to your keywords. This same feature allows you to input any text or poem – a speech, message, or even lyrics – and turn it into a unique musical composition.

Researchers at Google have developed an AI that can create musical compositions lasting several minutes when given text prompts. Additionally, the AI can convert a melody that is whistled or hummed into various other instruments. This process is similar to how systems such as DALL-E generate images based on written descriptions. Of course, nothing AI does is surprising anymore; what can’t AI do?

Does a text to music generator give you AI-generated music for your content?

It’s hard to fathom what kind of music an AI can create. But the truth is, if you give it enough text and creative instructions, it can create intricate soundscapes that will match the tone and emotion of your words. So even though most of these tools are far from text-to-speech tools, text to music generators can replicate human vocals in style and sound, but they don’t sound natural.

They seem to have a grainy or staticky quality that’s noticeable. Still, good things come to those who wait, and as AI technology continues to evolve, we expect the quality of future AI-generated music will improve too.

What voice-over programs can turn text to song?

a music engineer sitting in front of his equipment set up

Believe it or not, many voice-over programs can turn text into music or at least try to turn text into music. These programs are available for various platforms, including desktop and mobile browsers. A popular text to song generator called MusicLM is most likely one of these programs’ best and most developed.

It’s a fully-featured program with many options for listening and creating unique melodies and sounds from the text. In addition to this AI tool, there are other examples we will mention below.


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The possibilities are endless when it comes to using an AI Voice Generator for text to song conversions. Whether you’re looking for comedic tunes or more serious melodies, there are plenty of tools and programs that can help you turn your words into something unique.


musicLM landing page

MusicLM is a text to song generator that employs neural networks and algorithms to analyze the text and generate a custom melody. With AudioLM, they created a framework for high-quality audio generation for better consistency. It offers the potential for an extensive range of features for creating unique music from the text, but its abilities are currently limited.

If someone wanted to play around further and stretch the capabilities of MusicLM, they could use other devices and accessories to add extra layers of sound. One such example is the ability to use MusicLM with MIDI devices and instruments.

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a technology that allows digital devices to communicate with each other, allowing for an immense amount of creative possibilities. Combining MIDI with MusicLM could enable creators to expand the potential of their music and unlock even more unique opportunities. Currently, Google is playing the cautious route and not releasing a usable version of MusicLM. 

While they may release the training data for those creating musical AI systems, they are concerned about worsening the music industry’s struggle with copyright infringement.

uberduck landing page is another AI text-to-speech tool many creators use to create believable imitations of celebrity voices. This tool allows creators to synthesize their favorite celebrity voices into scripts saying whatever they want to hear.

The system has natural language processing capabilities and can turn written text into audio quickly and easily. With other technology in play, namely an AI lyric generator, these creators can create content that will feed into The outputs can be impressive, albeit humorous, depending on the algorithms and how much text is included in the writing.

Using a tool like AudioCipher, a text-to-MIDI generator, these creators can turn their audio-only piece into a musical masterpiece they can share with the world. In addition, by combining the technology, YouTubers can make some pitch and vocal effect adjustments and engineer their AI-driven hits. “Hits” may go too far, but they can create unique and exciting pieces.

Other things a text to music generator can do

Text to music generators can do other things as well. For example, creators can use tools like Voicemod to create unique sounds and effects in their music. Voicemod allows users to manipulate the pitch, tempo, and even tone of audio files they create with text-to-speech software. This means that users can customize their music to sound how they want.

More than that, an AI voice generator like Voicemod can make an exciting and personalized text to sound library. Creators can also use text to music generators for more than just music production. We can also use them to create unique sounds and audio effects for video games, virtual reality experiences, and other applications.

Is it scary to see just how much potential there is for AI voice generators? Absolutely. But it’s also exciting to think of how much potential lies ahead for creating new and unique audio compositions. If AI voice generators can do all these things, would there be a need for anything else? Whether the market is there or not, app creators have put in the effort to make more accessible and specialized tools for generating text to song files, namely with a rap generator.

Does a freestyle rap generator exist?

a freestyle rap couple getting ready for their set

Yes! Many app developers have created a freestyle rap generator that uses AI to generate rap lyrics. With this tool, users can input their words or phrases, and the rap generator will create a song with those lyrics.

The AI-generated rap lyrics can be adjusted and edited to the user’s liking. This allows for some fun and unique creations that creators couldn’t make with pre-recorded rap music from an artist. The rap generator is an excellent tool for anyone looking to create unique content and has some fun with music. For now, there are a couple of examples that show some promise.

  • Deepbeat – is a rap lyric-generating AI tool that generates lyrics for you or suggests lines for your content. If neither option works, you can input your lyrics into the prompts. Deepbeat was featured in news outlets like the Wall Street Journal and the MIT Technology Review. Work continues on the app with updates as recent as 2022.
  • TopMediai – is a text to song or AI rap generator that offers many advantages if you’re looking for specialized AI rap tools. Their software lets you easily create personalized voice tracks with various voices and sounds. You also have complete control over the tempo and pitch of the tracks.

There are other iterations out there, with differing levels of complexity and capabilities. But for now, these are some of the best tools for creating text to song files and AI rap tracks.

How text-to-speech, speech synthesis, and text to song generators can change music

The potential for AI-driven music is enormous. We’ve already seen what it can do with the current text-to-speech, speech synthesis, and text to song generators. These tools will become even more advanced and capable of producing music indistinguishable from any human-created song. If you think about it, electronic music was considered strange and “fake” when it first became popular. But now, electronic music is commonplace in many genres of music.

With AI-generated music, the possibilities are endless. It can save time and money and open the door to new styles and sounds that traditional instruments could never create. Ultimately, with MusicLM and other text to music generators, creators have the potential to create some truly unique musical pieces. So whether you’re a professional musician or just getting started, AI can help create something that’s never been heard before.AI-driven music will revolutionize how we listen and create music, and it’s only a matter of time before AI is fully integrated into the industry. But, for now, a text to song generator is a great way to get started on this journey and explore the potential of AI-generated music.

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