The Best Voice Maker You Can Actually Use

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Need a Voice Actor?

Why not try out one of our 130+ characters on Typecast to help you create your best content.

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There are many types of AI voice makers you can try, but there is no guarantee of quality.

Also, many online TTS offer text-to-speech for celebrities, so you may be wondering if you can use them for your voice overs on YouTube. If you are looking for a good text-to-speech solution for your content, whether you want to create it for work, to make money or for fun, there’s a proven quality voice generator you can actually use.


Typecast offers you a free 5-minute download per month so you can test the quality before paying for the service. If you manage to extract your audio within 5 minutes, it’s a completely free text-to-speech app for your needs.

You can type and speak a funny voice with it.

Various voices with emotions

From soothing voices for regular audiobooks to trustworthy voices for onboarding or your customers, you just have to say what you want. If you are using TTS just for fun, that’s fine too. Funny voices for games or memes, we’ve got you! Typecast has more than 400 different voices with different characteristics and features.

Please do not tell me you still think TTS is a robot voice because the voices generated by Typecast have emotions. They have emotions like joy, anger, and sadness. Did you never think you could be seduced by an AI flirting voice? Do not underestimate what they can do.

Also, try Typecast out to create hyper voices or fun voices that you would hear from text-to-speech Twitch.

Different accents

English has many different accents and so must AI!

From a child to the elderly, Typecast offers different types of voices and accents. You can choose between English and American English. Moreover, as you know, there are different types of American English, including rap. Typecast even has a rap voice that anyone can use to create a rap song. Since there are several females and males, you can find the most suitable voice for your content.

Type your script and cast AI voice actors & avatars

The AI generated text-to-speech program with voices so real it's worth trying