How to Make a Creepy Text-to-Speech Voice

creepy text to speech voice of a scary ghost screaming

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Whether you are creating horror narrations for your YouTube channel, spooky stories for your podcast, or creating animated content with dark and mysterious themes, using a creepy text-to-speech voice can speed up your content creation process.

Typecast creepy text-to-speech voice

boo-o text against a red background

Creating creepy content involves a number of steps including creating a video storyboard, hiring, recording, and editing. The whole process can be time-consuming and costly. 

A text-to-speech generator like Typecast can automate this process and save you money.

Typecast offers a range of creepy characters that you can use to quickly create the desired scary audio for your online content. 

Here are some of the famous creepy text-to-speech voices available:

Annabelle the ghost

typecast spooky text to speech AI voice actor annabelle the ghost

Conjuring fans know how creepy the Annabelle doll can be. Its eerie presence in the house can be felt by many residents. Annabelle the ghost is no ordinary ghost – she is a doll possessed by a demon.

Her voice can be great for Halloween-themed content and also for gaming videos. 


typecast spooky text to speech AI voice actor cole

Though he may seem like an ordinary run-of-the-mill guy who gets his coffee at Starbucks and sits behind a computer all day, Cole is actually a serial killer disguised as a detective.

He has killed 32 people within the last year. His cold and spooky voice is perfect for creating content in the thriller and horror genre. 


typecast spooky text to speech AI voice actor amber

Maleficent – the definition of evil is the villain who wanted to see the end of Princess Aurora. Her voice drips malice and coldness. Her hard heart doesn’t spare anyone or anything. 

Encompassing her personality perfectly is Amber – a corporate witch who micromanages everyone who reports under her. 

Whether you are creating an evil fictional character like Maleficent or a modern female villain, Amber’s text-to-speak voice will be an ideal choice for such content.

How to download text-to-speech

Creating your creepy type-to-speech voice is quite a simple. In this section, we will show you how to create a creepy text-to-speech voice for one of the above mentioned characters. At the end, we’ll also show you how to download a text-to-speech creepy voice.

  1. Visit the Typecast website and log into your account. 
  2. Scroll down to see a list of recommended characters. Click view all
typecast recommended characters screen
  1. On the left-hand navigation, under Mood, click Cold.
  2. Select a character from the list on the right. If your character doesn’t appear, search its name in the search bar.
  3. Click Create a Project.
typecast character selection menu
  1. On the Typecast dashboard, in the paragraphs window, add the text you want to convert to speech.
typecast text to speech editor
  1. You can also tweak elements such as emotion, speech pace, pauses, intonation, tempo, and pitch from the menu on the right to create a text-to-speech screaming voice. Please note that these options are only available for pro members.
  2. Click the orange play button to play your audio clip and make adjustments as necessary.

Once you have added your creepy script, and adjusted the various speech settings, you can download your audio or video clip on your computer. 

  1. Click the Download button from the bottom right corner.
  2. Select Audio file from the drop-down menu.
  3. Add a File name and choose MP3 or WAV as your File Type.
  4. For the Download range, choose whether you want to download all sentences of your script or selected sentences.
  5. For the Download type, choose whether you want to download a single file or multiple files split by sentences.
  6. Click Download. Your audio file will be downloaded to your computer.

Use your spooky audio file for interactive storytelling or create creepy voiceovers for your games and social media content.

Have fun!

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