Top Scary Voice Changers for Halloween

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Voiceover content is one of the most important aspects of making your video, podcast, or audio file sound great; it can also be the hardest to get right. Choosing the best voice to represent your content or business is essential to engage your audience and accomplish your goals. When selecting your voice is critical, Typecast is here to help. If you want to add extra spookiness to your content, try our new Halloween voice changer.

We’ve released four new scary voice text to speech to get you into the season’s spirit. Our Sabrina the Witch and Killian the Vampire voices are perfect for adding emotional intensity and horror to your content. However, if you want something more festive and fun but still spooky, try Jack-o’-Lantern or Frankenstein. No matter which voice you choose, Typecast’s latest Halloween voice changer will make your Halloween content stand out from the rest!

Why choose AI TTS for voiceover content?

AI voice characters are becoming increasingly popular, with many people using them daily. With the release of Typecast’s new Halloween voice changer, you can now use AI to create voiceover content that is realistic, engaging, and capitalizes on the trends. AI voice assistants can mimic a human voice’s inflections and emotions, making them perfect for creating voiceover content. 

Content creators can also use them to create a wide range of voices, from deep and booming too high and screechy. This means you can find the perfect voice for your content, regardless of the project details. In addition to the benefits of using AI for voiceover work, Typecast offers several other advantages. 

Our platform is easy to use and is accessible from anywhere in the world. We also offer countless customization options so that you can create just the right sound. Other benefits of working with AI are:

  • Unlimited Content Ideas – With AI voice assistants, you can create endless content ideas for your project. This means that you’ll always have things to say!
  • Flexibility – AI voice assistants are flexible and work for various projects. Whether you’re working on a video, audio file, or podcast, they can help you create the perfect voiceover.
  • Cost-Effective – AI voice assistants are a cost-effective way to create voiceover content. You won’t have to worry about hiring expensive voice actors or spending hours recording yourself.
  • Attract New Subscribers – As you create content, you’ll want to attract an audience. This is achieved using various types of voice in your content so that it appeals to more people than those already interested in what you have to say. In addition, creative and well-told stories can help you reach new people who have yet to be interested in your specific content.
  • Better Time Management – AI online tts services can help you save time by creating content. As a result, you can spend more time on other aspects of your project, such as editing or promoting. You won’t waste time finding and auditioning talent, and you can avoid renting a studio.
typecast ai voice halloween template

AI voice avatars don’t have a set schedule, which means neither do you; if you’re starting as a hobby or you need to create at a different time than you usually do, you have that flexibility. If you’re looking for high-quality, realistic, and engaging voiceover content, look no further than Typecast. Our new scary sounds are the perfect way to add some spookiness to your content.

Typecast’s new scary sounds

Are you looking to create some frighteningly awesome Halloween content? Don’t worry, ghouls and ghoulettes; Typecast has some Halloween sounds perfect for giving your content a haunted feel. Our scary sounds bring the Halloween spirit to life. But let’s not keep them waiting; they tend to get scary when impatient.

Sabrina the Witch

typecast halloween AI voice sabrina the witch

Witches are in season during Halloween, and there’s still plenty of time left to create content that will put a spell on your audience. Sabrina is the perfect avatar for adding some magic to your content; she has an edgy, intense, and scary voice. Her voice is deep and commanding, with an otherworldly quality perfect for giving your audience chills. 

So, if you want to add some emotion and horror to your content or be extra persuasive and convert your audience into fans, Sabrina is your voice. Also, use Sabrina’s voice if you want to do audiobooks, podcasts, or any voiceover that requires a commanding and powerful delivery.

Killian the Vampire

typecast halloween AI voice killian the vampire

Vampires are a Halloween staple no matter where you go, and with good reason. They’re the perfect embodiment of what many people are afraid of; the dark, the unknown, and things that go bump in the night. Killian is another excellent choice for intense and emotional content. 

His voice is deep and rich, with a sinister edge that is perfect for creating a feeling of suspense. He also has a commanding presence, making him ideal for driving conversions. If you’re looking to add some excitement to your content, then Killian is the voice for you. He’s perfect for audiobooks, video games, or voiceovers requiring hypnotizing and persuasive delivery.

Annabelle the Ghost

typecast halloween AI voice annabelle the ghost

Next up is Annabelle the Ghost, and as her name implies, she’s a ghost! Annabelle’s voice is slow and quiet, almost like she’s whispering, which gives it that extra “spook” that we’re all looking for in a halloween voice, perfect for audiobooks and recitation.

Whether it is for a scary story or a halloween-themed online advertisement, Annabelle the Ghost can bring a good level of halloween spirit to any project that will set the tone immediately.


typecast halloween AI voice jack-o’-lantern

Everyone has a Jack-o’-Lantern on Halloween, carving and creating a decoration that is uniquely yours. Jack-o’-Lantern is the perfect voice for adding fun and festivity to your content; Jack-o’-Lantern sometimes sounds like he’s taunting you, but it’s always just for some good old-fashioned Halloween fun. His voice is light and playful, with a mischievous edge perfect for creating festive and unique content.

He has a high energy that is perfect for engaging your audience, but he’s also got a spooky side that makes him ideal for Halloween content. His voice is the best mix of engaging and bizarre, making him suitable for creating entertaining and informative content. So if you want to add some Halloween scare, but not too much shock, to your content, then Jack-o’-Lantern is your voice. He’s perfect for commercials, explainer videos, or any Ad content.


typecast halloween AI voice frankenstein

Last but certainly not least in our book is Frankenstein. Everyone knows who Frankenstein is, but unlike the real Frankenstein’s horror, our AI TTS voice is more about fun than fright. Frankenstein’s deep, gravelly voice is perfect for adding some levity to your content. His voice is playful yet spooky, making him ideal for creating festive and informative content. He’s also got a great sense of timing, which makes him perfect for adding some jokes or punchlines to your content. So, if you’re looking to add some fun and humor to your content, then Frankenstein is your monster. He’s excellent for Ads, promotions, animations, and game content.

With our Halloween sounds, the possibilities are endless

Typecast is constantly expanding its voice selection to give you more options for your content; our Halloween voice changer will add the best finish to your content, like the last nail in the coffin. What, is that too cliche? We currently have the best Halloween sounds for spooky content, but we have many more that you can use for various content types. 


So, if you want to give these voices a try then you can test them out yourself in our free Halloween template that doesn’t require you to sign up here.

So, if you’re looking for a voice that is outside of the box or if you want to try something new, check out our voice selections in the link below.

We have more than 300 voice actors, so we’re confident you’ll find the perfect voice for your content. If you need help with our services or have any questions, we would be happy to assist you via our Help Center. No matter which voice you choose, Typecast’s latest avatars will help make your Halloween content stand out from the rest!

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