How to Use a Japanese Speaking AI Voice Generator

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If you are not a fluent Japanese speaker but are looking to create some local content or if you need to speak Japanese, try using an AI Japanese voice over generator. These generators are equipped with the most realistic text-to-speech technology that can help you produce natural-sounding Japanese content.

TTS at a glance

Text-To-Speech (TTS) is an assistive technology that reads text out loud. The TTS technology can take text on your computer or other digital devices and convert them to an audio file, which comes in handy for kids or people who struggle with reading.

The majority of TTS tools highlight the word they are reading aloud, enabling the user to see the text and hear the text at the same time, The computer voice can also be slowed down or sped up and this makes it extra beneficial for those who are learning a new language.

Voice-over generators are also part of the TTS technology. Four main different TTS tools are available. Built-in text-to-speech tools are pre-installed features on your digital devices such as mobile, computers, tablets, etc. 

Web-based tools are online TTS tools that any user could use and Text-to-speech apps are applications that you could download on your mobile or tablet for handy usage. Lastly, text-to-speech software programs are external platforms that you have to download on your laptop for usage. 

Online AI Japanese Voice-Over Generator

Japanese Text-to-Speech generators are not that hard to find or use. A simple search for AI Japanese TTS or voice synthesizer on Google.

One of the easiest voiceover tools you could use for any AI voice or actors is Typecast. In June 2022, they released Yui, a female AI Japanese character, and Kenta, a male AI Japanese character. Their soothing voices are the perfect fit for a serious documentary film but are also very well-suited for funny videos. 

Besides Yui and Kenta, Typecast has a vast library of most realistic text-to-speech actors consisting of more than 300 voices suitable for all purposes. Their platform is very user-friendly and easy to use, simply copy the text and then paste it on their platform for voice-over.

How to use Typecast

  1. Go to Typecast.
typecast template dashboard
  1. From the list of characters, select Japanese language.
typecast ai character menu
  1. Paste your copied Japanese text, or type your text on the content platform.
typecast template japanese script writing
  1. You could manipulate the emotion, speed, pause, tempo and pitch of the voice actor. Some of these features are only available with Pro subscription. 
  2. Navigate to another menu on the right side of your screen, if you would like to make changes to the animation or graphics. 
typecast template japanese ai video actor

And there you have it! Typecast plans on expanding it’s library of Japanese AI voice actors in future so stick around.

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