How to Use Text to Speech With Different Voices

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In today’s digital age, countless tools and technologies enhance our communication and creativity. One such tool is text to speech with different voices. This innovation converts written text into spoken words, with the benefit of choosing from a collection of voices.

Text to speech with different voices is a creative’s dream come true. You can improve accessibility or add a touch of personalization to your content. This post will explore how to use text to speech with different voices.

Keep reading to discover how to create engaging voice content.

Types of text to speech voices 

When it comes to text to speech with different voices, you can categorize them based on language, gender, and age. Creators can select voices that speak their native language. Within each language, you can choose a male or female voice, a youthful or mature voice, or a voice with an accent. 

Some platforms also offer specialty voices that cater to specific niches. These specialized voices, which could sound like news anchors or radio hosts, add credibility to your content. 

A guide on how to use text to speech with different voices

Typecast is an innovative platform that allows you to create engaging content using multiple AI voices. Here’s a step-by-step guide on using the editor to create content with multiple AI voices.

Signing into Typecast

  1. Go to the Typecast website: Open your web browser and navigate to the Typecast website.
  2. Sign in or create an account: If you already have one, sign in using your credentials. If not, create a new account by following the on-screen instructions. Signing up with Google is a quick and easy way to get started.

Adding AI voices to text content

  1. Access the Typecast Editor: Once you’re signed in, access the Typecast Editor from the dashboard or main menu.
  2. Create a new project: Click “New Project” to begin a new project.
typecast new project dashboard
  1. Pick Your First Voice: When you start a new project, you’ll begin with a default AI voice. To change your AI voice, go to the voice settings and click the dropdown arrow beside your current AI voice. Choose “change” to select a different AI voice character. Another way involves clicking the plus arrow in the top right corner beside your AI voice’s icon. This option takes you to Typecast’s AI voice library.
typecast character selection menu
  1. Choose All Your Voices: For this exercise, we chose three different AI voices (Simon, Glenda, and Kevin). Choose all of your AI voices first, and then you can move on to adding the content.
typecast text to speech editor with more than one voice
  1. Input your text content: In the editor, input the text content you want. For this example, let’s use the following script:

Scene 1

  • Narrator: In the vast expanse of space, countless stars twinkle like diamonds.
  • Character 1 (Glenda): Look at that! It’s breathtaking!
  • Character 2 (Kevin): I can’t believe we’re actually here.
  • Narrator: As the scene opens, our characters witness the awe-inspiring view of the cosmos. The twinkling stars adorn the infinite canvas of space. The characters express their wonder and amazement at the breathtaking sight, a shared sense of excitement.

Scene 2

  • Narrator: The crew marvels at the cosmic wonders before them as the spaceship glides through the cosmos. The spaceship gracefully maneuvered through the celestial expanse, allowing the crew to observe and appreciate the cosmic marvels surrounding them. 
typecast ai voice editor
  1. Assign AI voices to characters: Highlight the text you want to assign an AI voice, then select the voice from the available options. In our example, we assigned Simon to the narrator, Glenda to Character 1, and Kevin to Character 2.
  2. Preview and adjust: After assigning the voices, preview the script to ensure the voices match the characters. Make necessary adjustments by reassigning the voices as needed or tweaking voice pauses. You can also adjust the tone, pitch, and emotion presets.
  3. Save and export: Once satisfied with the voice assignments, click the download button and export the content in your desired format, such as audio or video.

Now, anyone can use the Typecast editor to create engaging content with multiple AI voices, bringing your scripts and stories to life.

How to choose the best voice for a video voice-over

mic on an orange background

Choosing the best voice will lead to impactful videos. Consider this when selecting a voice:

  1. Audience: Think about the demographics and preferences of your target audience. Are they male or female? Boomer or GenZ and Millenials? Knowing your audience up front focuses the video voice-over and improves the experience.
  2. Tone and Style: The voice you select should align with the overall mood and message. An approachable voice works best when creating a tutorial video.
  3. Intended Use: Determine how you plan to use the voice. Will it be for a video voice-over or interactive virtual assistant? 

Different voices excel in diverse contexts, so choose a voice wisely to deliver the best content. 

Tips for creating realistic AI voice content

Creating realistic AI voice content requires careful attention to detail. It also demands a healthy respect when creating and finalizing the script. With a realistic AI voice, you can use text to speech with different voices to accomplish your creative mission.

Here are some tips to achieve a high-quality audio output:

  1. Script Preparation: Guide the voiceover by inputting a script, article, or blog that’s well-written and edited.
  2. Natural Pauses: Add the appropriate pauses and breaks in the script to bestow life and essence to a realistic AI voice. 
  3. Emotional Infusion: Realistic AI voice characters can infuse emotion into your videos. Using a voice editor, you can boost expressiveness by tagging where the voice should sound excited or sad.
  4. Intonation and Emphasis: Draw attention to important phrases with intonation and emphasis to build impact of your realistic AI voice content. 

Making your message clear and impactful will elevate the quality of your AI content. If you’re looking for text to speech free download options, Typecast has a free version that’s excellent for testing its comprehensive features.

Using a voice changer for YouTube videos

If you’re a content creator on YouTube, an AI voice over generator can save valuable time enhancing your video voice-over. Try using voice templates to kick-start your creativity. Experiment with the tool’s text-to-voice templates to get the right sound. 

If the voice changer YouTube tool has an AI virtual avatar, you can combine it with the voice templates. Look at these examples to see how to build more impactful creations. 

  • Enhanced Storytelling: Voice changer tools add a new dimension to storytelling by portraying diverse personas through altered voices. As a creator, you have a brand. A distinct brand voice can maintain uniformity and effectiveness across all channels. 
  • Humor and Entertainment: Voice changer tools are ideal for adding humor and value. Humor also works well when you’re creating marketing content. According to HubSpot, “Humor is a way to sell your brand without outwardly selling something.” 
  • Cultural Exploration: Voice changer tools help foster a deeper appreciation of linguistic diversity. 

Flex those creative muscles to attract and entertain your audience in new ways.

Final thoughts

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Text to speech with different voices is a powerful tool that can revolutionize how we communicate and engage online. Realistic AI voice content enhances accessibility and adds a unique touch to your videos. Endless possibilities await you to unlock a world of imagination. 

Harness it to delight your audience like never before. Try text to speech with different voices today and unlock endless possibilities for your digital content.

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