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With a voice generator, you can convert text into natural audio that sounds like a person’s voice.

More and more people are looking for realistic text to speech (TTS) audio, as many AI voice generators are available online.

However, the quality is still questionable as some still sound very robotic and cannot be used in a natural way in video or audio content.

But if the quality of an AI voice over generator or speech synthesizer is good enough and satisfies you, would you use it for your video or audio content?

Using the best online AI voice generators, users can download the best synthetic voices. This way, you can enhance your video content when it comes to making a video with high-quality audio.

There are many voice-over or text-to-speech software, but depending on the purpose, the use of voice-over varies. Emotional expression and some intonations are not adjustable with basic voice-over software.

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Also, some people are looking for a funny voice generator, while others are looking for a professional voice. With these tools, content creators can save their time and money spent on voice-overs, but the most important thing is to find the right voice for your content.

How does it work?

All you have to do is type in what you have in mind and find the most suitable voice for your content. Listen to the preview and adjust tones, emotions and pitch of the voice.

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Just as we speak differently depending on the situation, users can also control how the voice sounds in detail. For example, someone who is very nervous would not say “hello” in exactly the same way as someone who is excited.

Thanks to advanced AI and speech synthesis technology, it is possible to train an AI with different emotions and intonations. AI-generated voices are widely used in various content such as games, onboarding, advertising, and audiobooks, etc.

Voice over software that really works

Generating a realistic voice is not easy with an AI, of course, since the voice is not from a human, who has a variety of different characteristics and unique tones. Nevertheless, AI voice generators have several advantages that we could not even imagine a decade ago.

Typecast provides a user-friendly service and the best quality voice. We believe that users should be able to use our service easily, while the quality of AI voice results is seamless.

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Accurate pronunciation of all words and easy customization options are one of the factors why our current customers are satisfied with Typecast.

You can also choose from more than 150 voices, and the genre of content gets broader over time as more voices become available.

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