Top 5 Virtual Voices for Business Videos

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Before the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), companies relied on limited virtual voice options for their business videos. Such voices lacked transition, depth of speech, and expressions. Viewers would easily get bored and feel disengaged with the video content.

Thanks to AI — it has opened up various possibilities that have helped businesses utilize sophisticated tools to produce virtual videos. The tools allowed them to produce voices that were engaging, and human-like. One of the famous examples of AI is the voice of Alexa.

At Typecast, we have a vast library of virtual humans, machine voice generators, and AI actors designed for the specific needs of a business. Katie is a great virtual voice for recording your company’s advertisements and promotions. Liam’s voice piques curiosity and is ideal for product demos.

As a small business owner or a content creator, you may create videos ranging from company training videos, and storyboarding, to YouTube content creation.

Incorporating these virtual voices will not only cut your efforts in half but also keep your audience engaged.

Let us look at the top 5 virtual voices for business videos at Typecast. 


typecast ai character liam

Liam is a calm yet engaging virtual voice. This voice is perfect for your product/service demo video. Whether you are presenting your product/service in front of a potential customer or for your teammates, this voice effectively engages the viewers.


typecast ai character aiden

Aiden has the right pitch for educational videos. You will find both emotion and range of tone in his speech. For this reason, Aiden’s voice is great for team onboarding and training videos. His voice embodies smooth transitions that are designed to keep your viewers engaged in the content.


typecast ai character katie

Katie is a highly engaging and upbeat virtual voice. It is ideal for your company’s promotional and marketing videos. Whether you are advertising on YouTube or your company’s website, Katie’s voice will keep the audience stays hooked to the screen.

With varying transitions in her voice, she captures the viewer’s attention exceptionally well.


typecast ai character kelly

For any company-wide or social media announcements, Kelly’s voice would make a great pick. It packs a punch and the transitions in her voice add an emphasis to the speech. Her tone is sophisticated yet offers a diverse vocal range which is great if you’re producing training videos.


typecast ai character jennifer

Business videos do not have to be monotonous and boring. You can add an edge to your posts using Jennifer’s voice. If your business has a YouTube or an Instagram channel, Jennifer’s voice will be great to attract your social media audience.  

Creating Virtual Voices Using Text-to-Speech AI

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The fastest and most efficient way to create virtual voices is through the use of text-to-speech AI software. Simply type or feed your script to the AI tool and it will convert the text into speech.

text-to-speech AI software also allows you to use a number of languages in your videos. Tweak the video based on a specific speaking style that appeals to your audience and choose from a variety of language options to cater to the international audience.

Utilizing Realistic Voice Changers for Your Virtual Videos

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Realistic voice changers are fun tools that change your recorded voice into a virtual voice. 

Not all content creators, business professionals, and marketers want to record videos in their original voices. Rather, they prefer using an online tts such as Typecast to convert their voice into a virtual voice.

Realistic voice changers exist precisely for this very purpose. Any professional in your corporate network can record the script and let the tool do the rest. The result will be a professional-sounding virtual human voice just like Jennifer and Katie.

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