5 Good Things About Voice Cloning

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How would you feel if an AI spoke something in your voice that you have never spoken before?

Celebrity Voice generator has become very popular and there are many people who want to make avatars with unique voices.

However, voice cloning has always been controversial, whether it’s good or bad. Cloning Anthony Bourdain’s voice has been harshly criticized while cloning Val Kilmer’s voice has been praised by many people.

Although the comparison between Anthony Bourdain and Val Kilmer does not make sense because the background and reason they decided to recreate someone else’s voice is completely different, voice cloning has many advantages.

Imagine you’re a corporate office worker and can clone your own voice to be used as your very own voice over in google slides?

Here is how you can benefit from voice cloning.

1. Voice cloning makes your loved ones stay by your side even after death

It depends on the culture if you want to memorialize your loved ones or if you want something visible and doable to preserve the memory for a long time. What has become famous is the story of an author, James Vlahos, who built an interactive AI that responds and speaks like his deceased father.

a man make a deal hand bump with his dad

Thanks to advanced technology, you can also have your type to voice generator made just for you, just like the author built his own “dadbot.” If someone sits down and records their voice with a phone for 30 minutes, their AI is created and their voice is played back when someone misses them after they die.

2. Another tech, another FUN

Imagine everyone will be able to clone their voice in the future. You don’t want one? People laugh and enjoy playing online with celebrity TTS. But cloning everyone’s voice will be easier and cheaper, not just for celebrities.

a man with VR glasses interacting with a virtual screen

No one wants to be left behind when everyone enjoys what they are given. Deepfake software is enough to blow people away. No matter what job or task you have, it can’t hurt to have your own TTS.

3. Drop some money

You never thought that cloning your voice could be lucrative? A lot of people looking for voice actors. A voice actor makes a living by having a voice that someone wants to hear over and over again.

a shocked young woman with money and a phone

If you clone your voice and there is someone who wants to hear your voice, it is only natural that your cloned voice will earn you some money without you having to do any physical work.

4. Enjoy the best content without awkward dub

As global content has become the new king of content on a streaming platform like Netflix, it is sometimes difficult to immerse yourself in the content because the dubbing or subtitles are not able to fully express the original content.

a movie slate with a red background and some popcorns

For example, imagine watching famous episodes like “Squid game” or “Money Heist” spoken by the voice of the original actor in your language. The best content would captivate you every second you watch the content.

5. The rich get richer (easily)

As you might have expected, the last benefit is obvious, but so true. Celebrity TTS is used by many people because they recognize the voice and remember a particular celebrity.

When a celebrity is too busy to work on something, all they need to do is clone their voice and allow others to use their voice with their permission, such as what to say, where to say it, and when to say it.

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