Are AI Startups Taking Away the Job of Voice Actors?

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In every age, new technologies are discovered, and nowadays many AI startups dream of being a unicorn that renews or evolves the world we live in.

There is certainly much to discuss when it comes to replacing people’s jobs with technology. That’s why we’d like to limit ourselves to our area of expertise: AI actors and voice actors.

Based on our experience, we would like to discuss whether AI vocal generators really threatens the job of humans or not.

I think, therefore I am (Cogito, ergo sum)

A human being exists because it can think. We observe things and learn how things work around us. As we grow, we learn more things and this is also true for an AI.

An AI grows and evolves as we train it. Like parents who are willing to pay for expensive private schools for their children, we can feed an AI and let it learn from good data so that it becomes the great AI we envisioned.

Have you noticed who plays the most important role when it comes to educating AIs? The human who can provide them with good data and educate them.

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We train and use AI thanks to human actors

There are several types of technologies that produce AI voices, such as deepfake voice and text-to-speech.

Suppose we need a good AI voice actor with perfect emotional features with natural voices.

We first look for a person who has a good voice as it should sound like a real voice. Who tends to have good voices and clear pronunciation? Professional actors who need to deliver their lines in any situation! To train AI, we need the hands of human actors.

The more high-quality data we collect, the better the AI voice will sound. So the way we collect data should be more important because it affects our final result. That’s why we decided to collect and model the voice of a professional voice actor, so that an AI created from the collected data would sound natural, namely quite like a professional actor.

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What people say

Despite the fact that the quality of the AI voice has emerged thanks to the efforts of humans, many people are worried about what will happen when AI takes away our jobs. It has been feared that professional voice actors or actors may lose their jobs as virtual influencers replace the jobs of real models.

However, if you look at the reality, it is easy to see that AI gives people more opportunities to work.

Can you think of a commercial you have seen recently? You hear very similar voices from different commercials, whether it’s a bed, beer, or an electronic device.

With a few percent of the top voice actors getting the biggest piece of the pie, the majority of people do not even have a chance to work. With an AI, we would not have this problem because we can cast as many voice actors as possible for diversity, and those who have not even had a chance to have their voices heard can be paid to provide their voices.

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The verdict

In the end, the AI is the one that works, and the human actors are the ones who get paid. Jobs evolve and shift, they do not disappear for good. AI will not take our job as long as we are the ones who make AI work. A realistic voice changer can only be born through a decent, legitimate voice.

Also, AI provides more opportunities, so people have the chance to work and make money without physically working.

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