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Rap music is a genre that has evolved over the years; its characterized by fast-paced lyrics and rhythmic beats. It’s often used to express emotion or opinion and can be used to communicate important messages, tell stories, and provide commentary. A freestyle rap generator can be invaluable when getting into rap music.

Unsurprisingly, rap music can also express deep feelings and thoughts, making it an ideal genre for creating art. Like many other music genres, rap expresses deep personal connections, emotions, struggles, and triumphs. As a result, rap music has become increasingly popular in the last decade, with artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, JayZ, JuiceWrld, and Cardi B leading the way.

Because of these artists, others were inspired to contribute to the genre in their own ways. So while more musical tracks would be the obvious way to create rap music, new, more modern methods, like designing and building a freestyle rap generator, and using an audio file in an AI voice generator, have become the standard options. This post will discuss how anyone can use a freestyle rap generator to make a rap song.

What is a freestyle rap generator?

A freestyle rap generator is a computer program that helps anyone create a song; it uses AI technology to generate unique lines of rap lyrics. The AI takes specific user-provided parameters, like the type of beat you’d like to use and other elements that can influence the outcome, and generate content accordingly. Most generators are free, although some may require a subscription to use advanced features.

Understanding the basics of rap lyrics and the music genre

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Before you start talking about using a freestyle rap generator to make your rap song, you need to understand the basics of rap music. Of course, we don’t presume to be experts, but we’ll do our best to provide a basic overview.

  • Listen to Tons of Rap – To become a good rapper, you should fully engage in hip-hop culture and music. Hip-hop has a solid connection to city life and culture. Research an artist you admire and follow their inspirations to understand hip-hop’s foundation and elements better.
  • Learn the Basics of Rhyme – To rap effectively, it’s not just about rhyming words; learning to feel the rhythm would be best. Your performance may seem awkward and forced if you’re not attuned to the beat.
  • Try a Rap-a-long – Try memorizing the lyrics of your favorite rap song and sing it out loud. Practice the lyrics until you can remember every word and hit every beat correctly. Next, look for the instrumental version of the rap song you learned. If unavailable, search for a similar one.
  • Develop Your Style – Try creating your rhymes once you’ve become confident in rapping on various beats. Don’t stress about the subject; observe your surroundings and pick out elements to rap about. 

Once you learn the importance of beats and rhythm, you’ll need to learn how to develop a story that interests your audience. Real experiences carry a lot of weight in rap, so try to make the message of your lyrics honest and personal.

Using AI voice generation and text-to-speech tools

AI voice generation and text-to-speech tools are crucial when creating a rap song with a freestyle rap generator. AI voice generation tools allow you the ability to convert text into speech quickly and easily. Text-to-speech tools are also helpful in testing lyrics as you generate them from existing songs or create new ones from scratch.

Once you have generated the AI voice and lyrics, you must create an instrumental beat to complete your rap song. But what if traditional TTS tools or voice generation apps aren’t cutting it? As a creator, whether creating content for case studies, YouTube videos, or entertainment, you’ll need to take advantage of more specialized tools to get everything right.

What is a freestyle rap lyrics generator, and can it generate rap lyrics?

the concept of AI powered tools

A freestyle rap lyrics generator is an online tool that lets you quickly generate unique lyrics. With these tools, creators can generate new verses from their favorite songs or create entirely new ones from scratch. These AI-powered programs typically all work the same.

An influencer can generate song lyrics based on specific words and get a preview of the finished script. Taking this route makes it easy for anyone who wants to write a rap song without experience.

Can a freestyle rap lyrics generator help new rappers?

A freestyle rap lyrics generator is ideal for those just starting in the rap game or those looking to come up with fresh ideas. The lyrics generated by these tools may not be as good as those created by an experienced rapper, but they can still provide some great ideas to get you started. Of course, as with any rap generator, don’t take the output too seriously and use it for inspiration.

To get the most out of a freestyle rap lyrics generator, you should have some basic knowledge of the elements that go into creating a good rap, as mentioned earlier. Also, researching your favorite rappers and their styles can help inspire you.

Does an online rap generator create natural-sounding speech?

a creator making sure his rap song sounds good

Yes, an online rap generator or voice actor can create natural-sounding speech. The technology uses AI-powered text-to-speech software and machine learning algorithms. Depending on your device, you can choose from various voices and accents so your rap sounds natural. Then, with a high-quality rap voice synthesizer, you can adjust the speed, tone, and inflection to get the perfect sound.

Steps to follow when using a freestyle rap generator

Once you have chosen the type of rap you want to create and found an appropriate instrumental beat, it’s time to use the freestyle rap generator to create some lyrics for your song.

Here are some steps you should follow when using a freestyle rap generator:

  • Choose keywords related to your topic that will help generate relevant lyrics.
  • Enter those keywords into the online rap generator.
  • Preview the generated lyrics.
  • Edit them if necessary.
  • Practice delivering them to perfect your flow.
  • Record your final version.

The process is basic, but your music doesn’t have to be. Utilizing a freestyle rap generator enables users to explore all the creative possibilities and stand out from other creators and YouTubers doing the same thing. So, let’s look at three good online rap generator apps.

Examples of using an online rap generator to create music

A rapper voice synthesizer is a simple tool that can enhance any rap song. Enter your lyrics, and the AI will make a rap for you.


typecast AI landing page

Typecast is a sophisticated TTS software and capable freestyle rap generator, making it easy to turn your lyrics into powerful music. In the project dashboard, you can make a song from scratch using your written lyrics and pick from hundreds of AI voices. The AI-driven engine will turn your sentences into a rap based on the default settings of the synthetic voices you’ve selected.

Typecast’s user-friendly interface is designed to be intuitive, even for those new to AI-generated music.

  1. All you have to do is enter the lyrics you’ve written and select your avatar voice.
  2. Typecast will generate a rap based on your chosen voice; the generation may take a few seconds to finish.
  3. Then, you can preview the track before making any changes.
  4. With Typecast’s platform, Pro users can adjust the emotion, add custom emotions, insert a pause in their lyrics, change the tone preset, alter the speech pace, add intonation, play around with the tempo, and more.
  5. Once you’re happy with the generated rap, you can export it and share your masterpiece.

AI rap generator apps provide an engaging way for creators to make individual audio files of rap music. At Typecast, we’ve created different voices for rapping that you can use to make your audio voice-overs. Using text to music apps and AI voice-overs can be a fun and rewarding experience, so why not give it a try?


uberduck landing page

Uberduck AI is a text-to-speech tool allowing users to hear lyrics rapped by a computer-generated voice of the entire rap game. This makes it easy for anyone who wants inspiration from Jay-Z, Biggie, 21 Savage, and more for their original raps or wants something unique for their next project.

The process for using Uberduck is quite simple:

  1. Choose a voice you want to use for your rap.
  2. Enter the lyrics you want to into the app.
  3. Listen to the AI-generated rap.
  4. Add some royalty-free track or beat into an audio mixer.
  5. Share the final product with the world on your YouTube channel or private website.


boomy landing page

With Boomy, creators can create, customize, and release their rap music, gain revenue from it, and even use Boomy’s partnership with Dolby to remaster their tracks. To create a song using Boomy, follow these steps:

  1. First, tap Create and select Song from the menu.
  2. Next, choose a Style and apply any custom settings. Boomy uses AI-powered algorithms to emulate musical styles.
  3. Choose Rap Beats and tap Create Song. With Boomy, you can reject generations you don’t like until you find that you enjoy them.
  4. Click Add Vocal from a saved file, add custom vocals and freestyle, or use Boomy’s beta Auto-Vocal feature. The Auto-Vocal part turns short audio phrases into an algorithmic vocal line.
  5. The last step would be mastering if you choose to do so; using Dolby technologies, Boomy users can have industry-leading mastering to improve the sound of their tracks.

How text to music apps, a freestyle rap generator, and other AI-powered tools are changing rap music

a woman enjoying music using her wireless headphones

AI-powered tools are indeed changing the way we create rap music. These tools, from auto-generated vocals to text-to-speech engines, make it easier for creators to express themselves without breaking the bank. In addition, AI rap generators have opened up a world of possibilities for producers and artists to create unique raps without breaking out any classic rap lines.

While few high-quality recording apps fit the bill, Typecast is one of the few that offer top-notch services with no background noise. So are you looking to create your own unique freestyle rap songs but don’t have experience writing lyrics or rapping? With Typecast’s AI-driven freestyle rap generator, anyone can quickly transform their ideas into thrilling rap music.

Typecast’s sophisticated text-to-speech tool and customizable avatar voices simplify crafting your original rap tracks. Pro users have complete creative control with adjustable features. With its easy-to-use interface, newcomers can create rap music that rivals the pros. So visit Typecast’s website today to start honing your freestyle rap skills.

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