How to Create an Animated Video

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Animation is no longer specific to the entertainment sector. For example, businesses can create a video to promote their new release, products, and services.

 Consumers prefer visual content over any other form of data. It is no secret that we all refer to YouTube or other video content to learn, research, and verify the information.

Why businesses should create a video as part of their marketing tactics?

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What do you think of when you hear the brand, Old Spice? Most people would immediately think of the Actor Isaiah Mustafa who promoted the deodorant brand with his famous Ad “The man your man could smell like”. The television ad was released in 2010, went viral, and is still remembered today after numerous parodies have been made. 

A compelling video to deliver a specific message, like the Old Spice commercial suggesting that men don’t need to look like the ideal dream man, they just need to smell like him, enhances the effectiveness of the marketing strategy allowing your company to achieve better sales overall.

Choosing the genre or type of video may be tricky. Video content that involves real-life people talking to deliver information may appear more professional. However, using animation to explain a concept, product or service may be easier for your viewers to understand and process. 

“Content is all about telling a story. Whether it’s a story about your product, your customers, or maybe even compliance changes, your main goal as a content crafter is to share a message that compels, persuades, and convinces your audience to take action. But the story is only as good as its execution. If you have a great story, but deliver it poorly, your audience is less likely to take action. That’s where animated video can help.”


Why choose animation?

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Remember how we all grew up watching cartoons? The use of multiple colors and the movement of the characters are immediately eye-catching. Also if you are a small business or start-up owner, hiring an animator to create a video may be much more cost-effective than doing an entire video shoot. 

Video recording requires an extensive list of expensive equipment, actors, videographer, editor and not to mention all the travel and expense costs. However, if you opt-in for animation, you could easily compete in terms of return on investment. 

Also, it is much easier to explain a complex concept in form of animation rather than videos featuring a real-life person. Some ideas cannot be expressed easily, however with the right visual aid, hard-to-represent ideas can be easily captured. Create a video and utilize infographics that can significantly improve your viewers’ understanding. 

Lastly, animated videos never go out of trend. Actors may have their high and low periods. They might get involved with a scandal that might ruin your brand image, or they might become not so relevant in the current market and etc. Animations, on the other hand, will never affect your brand in any way.

How to create an animated video 

The same goes for all types of video content. You need to prepare a good script and create a video storyboard in order for your video to be effective.

Try to draft an outline or a script, start with a big idea first then narrow it down to what you really want to convey to your audience. 

It is much easier to brainstorm ideas in written text first before you get into details on how you would like to visually represent your content. 

After you have a rough idea of your script, you can then try to create a series of drawings that will help you visualize your content. A storyboard will come in handy since you could match each idea with a sketch.

Your drawings do not need to be highly detailed as long as it captures the basic essence of your idea, they will serve as a great building block for your animation. 

Some and makers will create an animatic with placeholder audio to get a preliminary idea of how your video and sound will work together. If you do not like the feel of your sketch, revise your storyboard prior to getting started.

Once your idea is solid, choose the right animation software. If you are looking to post a simple video based on your animated photo, you could simply use preset applications on your mobile phone. However, if you are looking to create something more professional, download Adobe Premiere Rush, Canva, or Typecast. 

Adobe Create Cloud is always a good choice when it comes to video production. You could create vector animation with Adobe Animate and make further edits on Adobe Premiere Rush or Pro. However, if you are looking to make simple promotional videos, there might be better options online.


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If you are looking to create video and record voice together, Typecast might be your best pick. Typecast can be used like animation software, where you could transform the online text into computer generated voices and avatars. 

Simply cast a character from their character library, type in your text, set a voice style, and download your video content. This will be particularly useful if you are looking to create a storytelling video, seasonal greetings, sales training, client testimonials and so much more.

From live 2D characters to full immersive animation, create an animated video to incorporate in your brand’s marketing strategy to increase sales!


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If you do not have animation software or an Animaker, try using online animation maker tools. For example, Canva has a user-friendly animation maker tool that you could use to create videos. 

You could animate every photo, text, and element to make your video stand out. This also applies to presentations, so if you have a big pitch coming up, try to use Canva’s animation software to make it more appealing to your audience. 

In order to create a video on Canva, browse their video template gallery to choose a layout for your project. Then with their wide range of text, color, font, photo and etc you could freely add or edit visual elements in your video content. 

The best part of using Canva animation software is that you could download and create videos free of charge. From influencers to corporates, you can easily create any type of video and share it on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or email.

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