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The more famous a celebrity is, the more popular their text to speech is.

At one point, Kanye West’s Text to Speech went viral because people found it entertaining to have Kanye West speak whatever they typed.

For celebrities to have their AI versions speak something in their voice that they have never spoken before would be a strange feeling. But “Celebrity Text to Speech” sometimes called “Celebrity Voice Generator” is one of the hottest voice clones that people always enjoy and look for.

As it’s fun to play around with, Celebrity text-to-speech memes has become more popular than any other overdub.

a picture of kanye west in mask

Also, companies like deepfake software tech tend to demo a lot with celebrities, which could be fun if you’re in need to create a powerpoint voiceover for your PPT.

With the help of text-to-speech voices and voice over AI technology, celebrities can even speak different languages they actually are not capable of speaking.

Neosapience made a demo of Morgan Freeman and Donald Trump speaking fluent Korean, like this video above. AI tech is even able to predict what accent someone might have when speaking a completely different language. You can imagine that it sounds much better and very close to the voice of the real celebrity now as it was created 4 years ago.

BTS text to speech?

Global K-pop star BTS also has its text-to-speech. They also have everything under control, which means that BTS Celebrity Text-to-Speech only speaks what their fans want to hear from them.

a picture of BTS

The fans of BTS, also known as “Army”, can hear the voices of the BTS members calling out each fan’s name! How is that even possible? They must be completely overloaded and have no time to record the names of thousands of people in the studio. This is exactly where AI technology can help everyone.

Fans can type their names and BTS will call their names, as BTS’s AI can call the names of all fans without getting tired. The members of BTS not only call their names but also cheer up their fans when learning Korean gets boring.

Using Celebrity text to speech is fun and makes you feel like your favorite celebrity becomes your best friend and interacting with you.

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