What Is a Vtuber?

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The trend of a Virtual YouTuber (Vtuber) started in Japan in the mid-2010s. After the pandemic, more people started consuming content online, especially on YouTube. As a result, the concept of Vtubers spread to the international YouTube audience.

Content creators and anime lovers began experimenting with the Vtuber space and slowly build their niche and audience.

What is a Vtuber? As a content creator, how is being a Vuber different from being a regular YouTuber, and how can you create virtual videos on YouTube? 

Let us explore all of these questions in detail.

Vtuber Defined

Vtuber or a Virtual YouTuber is an animated or digital character that performs or acts in YouTube videos.

The role of a Vtuber is quite similar to a human YouTuber  — both create content to entertain, educate or inform their audience.

Difference between a YouTuber and a Vtuber

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A YouTuber is a human who creates videos online on YouTube. A Vtuber is a virtual character designed by a human or a software to speak, perform, sing, and entertain the audience.

YouTubers use their own voice to record videos. Vtubers use AI-generated voice-overs for their characters’ audio. Such software can help them create audio that depicts the voice of mythical characters, anime, cartoons, humans and more.

The world of Vtubers is also somewhat drama-free. Unlike human YouTubers, Vtubers are mostly positive and non-judgemental. They focus on entertaining their audience without portraying any negativity or drama.

What is The Purpose of a Vtuber?

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One of the reasons why people use a virtual character as the face of their YouTube channel is because they are not comfortable showing their own face online. While privacy is important for these creators, at the same time, they want to share their content with their audience as well.

Being a Vtuber helps them share their creativity and talent with fellow creators and YouTube users. YouTube is an excellent platform for creatives who wish to showcase their talent and skills online. The platform provides an open space for creators to showcase their talent without any restriction.

The purpose of a Vtuber is to create digital videos using a diverse set of characters and sounds. A Vtuber can use these characters to create storylines, news, songs, dances, short films, play video games, and host interviews.

The most important aspect of being a Vtuber is creating your own unique avatar. Once you have an avatar, it will be your whole online personality, so choose it carefully and wisely.

Being a Vtuber is not much different from being a YouTuber. As a Vtuber, your creative possibilities are endless! Feel free to experiment with different characters and avatars until you find the perfect character for yourself.

Vtubers and Anime Voice Changers

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Many online apps offer anime voice changers to transform your character’s voice into an anime voice. You can choose from a number of anime and manga characters. If you are interested in going one step ahead and creating monsters, aliens, or vampires, a Vtuber software can help you bring those characters to life as well. 

Creating Videos Using a Vtuber Maker

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As a content creators, you can find a variety of Vtuber software online that offer various possibilities for creating your characters and adding personalization to your videos. Using such Vtuber makers can make the process of video creation easy for you.

Creating videos using a Vtuber maker is easy. Simply download the software, choose your characters, add audio, set some transitions, and viola your video is ready.

Virtual YouTubers can be created as live 2D models or even 3D models depending on your preference.

Once you are ready, publish the video on YouTube or stream a Facebook live video to gain followers and exposure.

As a Vtuber, you need to make sure that you stick to your niche. Just like any other process of content creation requires you to follow a specific hobby or interest, as a Vtuber, you want to make sure you are offering content within your area of interest.

For example, if your character is a virtual streamer who plays video games, it’s best to stick to video games rather than jumping around doing multiple things. This is because your audience will be video gamers and they will be interested in seeing video games only. Throwing in random stuff on your channel may cause them to lose interest. 

Advantages of a Vtuber

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Today, with cyber criminals on the loose, being a Vtuber can not only protect your identity but also prevent identity theft. Vtubers use digital characters that mask their real identity. This allows them to freely express themselves without feeling scared of the unknown horrors of the internet.

In addition, being a VTuber automates most of the video making process. Using a Vtuber software, you can create characters, add audio, manage transitions, and add a background — all through the use of the software’s built-in tools.

Being a Vtuber also allows you to unleash your creativity and showcase your talent to the world. Whether your channel is about singing, dancing, or standup comedy, you can express yourself in front of your audience. 

Who Are The Famous Vtubers?

The trend of creating virtual videos is currently more popular among Japanese video streamers. However, more and more English streamers are joining the bandwagon.

Among the popular Vtubers include:

Gawr Gura (4.06 million subscribers) — she is a native of Atlantis and has sharp shark-type teeth and appearance. 

Ironmouse (4.06 million subscribers) — she is a bejeweled and winged character who plays Minecraft and Rust video games for followers. 

Mori Calliope (2.13 million subscribers)— a rapper and a singer, she recently dropped her 3D concert and an album.

Usada Pekora (2.02 million subscribers) — a rabbit-resembling character, with a strong affiliation with carrots, she plays Dragon Quest Monsters, Rust, Uno, and many other games.

Akai Haato/Haachama — a female character who is known for her alter-ego, haachama. She also plays various video games online.

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