How to Import Fonts for Image or Video

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The importance of fonts also referred to as typography, cannot be stressed enough in the design world. It contributes to building your brand identity, legibility, and aesthetics. Most of the design software already offers a wide variety of typographies, but some designers import fonts to create the utmost unique and fresh artwork.

“Typography is the strategic arrangement in order to make written language readable and visually appealing. The art of typography is one of the most important skills every graphic and web designer needs to master. It’s central to every form of design, both print and digital.”

Stephanie Corrigan

The main function of a font is to deliver a message. In order for your audience to understand the message, legibility is very important. For example, if your content is written in messy handwritten cursive, it would be difficult for your audience to understand your message, especially if you’re trying to create a learning video.

Subsequently, fonts can also portray information hierarchy. This means that changing the font size, boldness, or using a completely different font will create an information hierarchy. This means that the audience will categorize the text in your context based on their own importance.

Try to research on how to import fonts or how to install fonts. Another reason to get familiar with various fonts and to have them saved on your computer is because font determines the mood or feeling of your work. With this in mind, you could convey various moods in your design. 

typography example

If you were to use Times New Roman, you would automatically set a rather serious and rigid mood for your audience. However, if you were to use Fantai font, you can convey a fun, playful, and enthusiastic mood. 

Keep an eye out for people’s use of fonts in their posters, ads, or even resumes. The font is a way to express yourself so make sure to choose the right one to deliver your message.

Research how to download fonts once you know which mood you would like to portray to your audience. 

How to download fonts

How to download fonts or how to install fonts, are both very easy to do. People usually use DaFont, a free website where everyone can download fonts for their work. After the font has been downloaded you now have to install a font. 

How to install fonts

various fonts

There is no need to Google ‘How to install fonts’, because it is probably the easiest task you could do on your laptop! Once you have your TTF or OTF font file downloaded, simply double-click on the file to install it. 

Then, if you are an Adobe Creative Cloud user, open the app and select the Horizontal Text tool. You will then be able to use the font you just downloaded for your image and video.

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