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How to Make Instagram Reels

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The digital world now revolves around social media platforms. It is not an understatement to say that our lives are centered towards social media such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We constantly check our phone for social media app notifications and messengers. For this reason, companies have shifted from traditional marketing to social media marketing strategies.

What are Instagram Reels?

One form of video content that Instagram started promoting are their reels. Instagram reels are an immersive and entertaining video that lots of brands and influencers use to promote themselves or of their brand. According to Instagram, reel is the future of storytelling and users spend about 20% of their time on Instagram scrolling through or watching reels.  

Reels is the newest feature on Instagram that allows users to film, cut and edit 3 to 90 seconds long video with text, music, stickers and other special effects. Instagram also provides a reels update which allows users to solely share and explore short clips and reels. The page is never ending, every time the user scrolls down, they will discover a new content.

If you are looking to deliver a story of your brand, or if you are trying to build a specific brand image, try using Instagram reels feature. Some brands post Instagram reels to deliver stories of their employees, the people behind their brand’s products. Posting behind the scene videos can increase trust in your brand and help you build an emotional connection with your followers. 

Supposedly, since reels is the newest and the most popular feature on Instagram for now, reels content is favored by their algorithm. They also have an entire page or category dedicated to reels. This will allow your brand to maximize reach and the opportunity to reach new audiences who have interest in your products or of something similar.

Using Instagram Reels for Branding

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Numerous companies now use social media platforms for their branding, to expand their audience reach, to increase their brand awareness, to increase engagement and so much more! Instagram, in particular, offers lots of opportunities for your brand to combine creativity with advertisement, allowing the users to enjoy your ad as a form of entertainment video.

For example, Instagram reels. It has not been long since Instagram reels gained its popularity. With the rise of video popularity, users started craving for content that is short and concise. For example, people are no longer interested in watching 30minutes how-to videos on YouTube, they want a quick 1min summary video outlining the process instead. 

The same logic applies to advertisements and contents. The viewers are no longer interested in knowing about your product in depth. They want an introduction and a conclusion. What is your product? How does it work? Does it work? Are the questions they need answers to within 60 seconds. Bring Instagram to mp4 video, just make it concise and hit upload!

Creating Reels for Your Brand

filming instagram reels

Regardless of whether you are creating reels to promote your brand or your channel, you want users to be fully immersed with your content. In order for you to make your content more entertaining for your viewers, make use of Instagram’s wide range of special features.

According to Instagram’s statistics, over 80% of reels are embedded with sound. Music can capture viewers’ attention and it makes your video content more interesting and sets a mood to your content. For example, if your product is an umbrella, try adding gloomy music in the beginning. Then when your umbrella appears, lighten up the mood with faster tempo music. 

Instagram music library consists of a wide range and variety of songs and sound effects. You could also choose which part of the song you would like to include. Add music on Instagram to mp4 video in just a couple of clicks!

Another way to captivate viewers’ attention is via visual special effects. Supposedly, over 40% of Instagram reels are filled with various visual effects that makes your content more fun, lively and young. However, make sure that you are not overwhelming your viewers by having too many effects going on at the same time. This may lead to viewer retention instead.

One of the key things you have to note in creating an Instagram reel for your brand is to check whether your content is digestible. Even if you have the best visual effect and background music, if you have big chunks of text or irrelevant footage, you might be better off with not posting any reels on your profile.

Remember, the first five seconds is when users determine whether they would like to keep watching or scroll down to another video content. Make sure that the first scene of your reels is straightforward, creative with well-paced transitions. Also have minimum text written so that the users focus more on watching the video rather than reading the text.

How to Create Instagram Reels

If you are all prepared with the basic outline of how you want to create your reel, let us get started on how to create an Instagram reel. There are two ways to create a reel. 

Record from Instagram

  1. Open Instagram App.
  2. Slide your screen to the right to open Story .
  3. Select Reel on the bottom menu bar.
  4. Click on Get Started.
  5. Hold the record button to capture video footage.
  6. Explore the menu on the left side to add music, adjust speed, browse effects and to use a timer.
  7. Once your recording is complete, you could add visual elements such as stickers, drawings and texts.

Upload footage from camera roll

You could also upload one or multiple clips and turn it into a reel. However, if you opt in for this method, you have to ensure that the following specifications are met:

  1. Video filmed in full 9:16 portrait mode.
  2. Reels cannot exceed 90 seconds in total.
  3. Reels are mobile features, they cannot be uploaded or viewed from a PC.
guy using instagram reels

Likewise with YouTube Shorts and TikTok, Instagram Reels is a great way for brands and influencers to engage with their audience. If you are looking to further maximize audience reach, research on when to post on Instagram.

If you post at 2am local time, a lot of users will be asleep by then. This means that you lose the opportunity to reach a bigger group of audience since there is a minimum level of activity on Instagram at this hour.

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