How to Create a Santa Video Message With Free Resources

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It’s undeniable that the holidays are just around the corner. With so much still to do, what better way to enhance the excitement than receiving a personal message from Santa Claus? Yes, a Santa video message. 

It’s a magical concept that brings joy and can make the season unforgettable, especially for the young ones. Adding a unique touch to your holiday celebrations, create a Santa video message infused with the delightful sounds of Christmas. You might wonder, “How do I create this Santa video message?” 

At Typecast, we have a solution for you that is easy and free. With these resources, you can have fun crafting holiday videos or audio messages. Read this post to learn how to get these free resources.

Why a Santa video message is a must-have

A Santa video or audio message sprinkled with the cheerful sounds of Christmas is a wonderful addition to your celebration. Imagine the surprise on your child’s face when they receive a greeting from Santa himself. Think of the excitement of your friends and family when they get a holiday card featuring Santa’s booming ‘ho ho ho’.

This unique and heartwarming touch can elevate your celebrations, making them more magical. But you may ask, ‘Where do I get such a message?’ That’s where we can help.

How to get the free sounds of Christmas and the Santa Claus voice

little girl in red santa hat listening to typecast christmas characters

We offer free resources that give users free rein to create Santa messages. To create a personal message, use snippets of him wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. While the jolly old man may not squeeze into a chimney, he can certainly fit into a holiday card.

But you’d better make room for Mrs. Santa and his trusted elves, too. It’s simple to access our free resource packs. There’s no need to worry about logging in to Typecast or giving us credit. 

Just download the pack and start using it. We also have Christmas templates that offer unique digital card designs. Download the template as a video file and watch as the characters come to life.

  1. Explore our website’s free sound packs, templates, and Christmas characters down below.
  2. Log into your Google ID and download the resources you want to use.
  3. Create and spread holiday cheer with your personalized creations.
typecast christmas SFX resource pack

Are you stuck on coming up with holiday ideas for your content – we’ve got you covered.

Types of messages you can create

With these free resources, there’s no limit to what you can create. You can craft a warm greeting card with the Santa voice using one of the downloadable templates. You can also make a public service announcement using the Santa Claus voice to send to your contact’s inbox.

Use the opportunity to remind everyone to stay safe this holiday season. How about an enchanting bedtime story narrated by Santa or a fun Elf adventure for children? You can create other Christmas content like:

  • A holiday-themed cooking video with a special appearance from Santa giving cooking tips
  • A funny blooper reel of a faux “interview” with Santa Claus.
  • An ASMR video featuring a cozy fireplace and the Santa Claus voice reading a Christmas tale

Christmas comes alive with AI voice

typecast AI christmas text to speech template

The magic of the holiday season truly comes to life when you add an AI voice to your holiday messages. We have meticulously crafted an ensemble of Christmas-themed AI voices, including:

  • Santa
  • Mrs. Santa
  • Noel
  • Leo
  • Helena
  • Ella
  • Buddy
  • Bell

You can try these characters out for yourself below!

typecast christmas template TTS button
typecast christmas template TTS button

Each voice brings a unique touch to your holiday message, making it even more enchanting. Our sound pack is teeming with the delightful sounds of Christmas and the classic voice of Santa Claus.

Using our Santa voice generator text-to-speech free feature, you can transform any written message into a lively audio clip.

In our editor, type your heartwarming holiday message, choose your favorite voice, and spread holiday cheer. 

Beyond videos: Crafting the perfect Christmas backgrounds

christmas tree in snowy park

In this digital era, even festive celebrations have gone virtual. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be full of holiday spirit. A festive Zoom background can bring added joy to your virtual holiday gatherings. With Typecast’s free resources, you can create the best Christmas Zoom background featuring twinkling Christmas lights or Santa’s workshop.

Imagine the delight on your children’s faces when they see Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves in the backdrop of your Christmas family video call. With these free resources, you’ll transport your audience right into the heart of the holiday season.

Final thoughts

Spread some extra magic onto your holiday celebrations with a personalized Santa video message or the heartwarming sounds of Christmas. Typecast’s free resources make it easy. Let the joy on your loved one’s face be your motivation. The holidays are a time of joy, love, and creativity – so let’s make the most of it and spread the cheer far and wide. 

Virtual celebrations can be just as magical with the right festive touches.

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