The Advantages of a Text to Speech Video Maker

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If you are an individual or a company planning to automate your videos, a text-to-speech video maker can be a game changer. Text-to-speech videos convert your text/script into a video. You can also choose a variety of languages and expressions to give a personalized edge to your videos.

Apart from automating your video-making process, there are many other advantages of a text-to-speech video maker. Let us take a look at some of them.

1. Affordable

A digital voice-over is an integral part of the video-making process. If you are hiring a human to do your voice-overs, you will be paying them by the hour or a set amount. On the other hand, using a voice actor for text-to-speech can save you a lot of money. 

As marketing videos can eat up a lot of your budget, using text-to-speech software can save you heaps. Simply feed your video script to the software and let it do the rest for you. For some software, you have to only pay a one-time cost and you can create as many videos as you like.

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2. Caters to a Diverse Audience

Type-to-talk software allows you to use a number of languages in your videos. You can also include a specific speaking style that appeals to your audience. This is why a text to video software is inclusive to a number of different audiences. 

Some people are visual learners, others pick up on tone and style. Combining various approaches in one package can help you cater to a diverse set of audiences.

3. Convenient

The world has become increasingly mobile. People are listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and even shopping on mobile devices. Text-to-speech can immediately turn your audio script into video, and you can quickly share it with your followers/ audience.

4. Engaging

Today people have shorter attention spans. This makes it challenging for brands and marketers to grab their audience’s attention. Text-to-speech in video allows you to create videos using different voice actors, unique sounds, and immersive backgrounds. 

Using such software will give your brand a unique perspective and engage your audience more.

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5. Saves Time

Narrating a script for a video can be an arduous task. Depending on the complexity of the video, it can take hours or even days. 

​​An average person speaks about 120-150 words a minute. As an example, for anyone reading this article, it will take them about 4-5 minutes for them to finish it.

With text-to-speech, you only need to add voice text to the software and it will be quickly uploaded to your video, thereby saving you manual time and effort.

This is great for small business and corporate workers who want to, for example, create customer service training videos or video presentations with voice-recordings and save time doing it.

6. Helps People With Disabilities

Text-to-speech technology began in the 1980s. Since then, it has been growing at a fast pace. We are now seeing its intervention in medicine, arts, finance, and many other fields. 

Fortunately, this technology has also helped thousands of people with disabilities. According to research published by PMC, Text-to-speech/read aloud presentation positively impacts reading comprehension for individuals with reading disabilities.

Many students, youth, and elderly struggle with reading disabilities. Text to speech video allows them to listen to the text and see it on the screen. This assists them in their learning process. 

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