Hiring a Human Voice Actor vs an AI Voice Actor

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Voice actors play an important role in all cultural fields when it comes to content creation.

Even though it seems that actors or even virtual influencers are taking over the media industry, as people pay more attention to video than audio, voice is a major factor in how we receive the message of videos or media.

Think of a simple promotional video from a game company or a campaign from a high fashion brand or even any video production storyboard. The voice is the final icing on the cake that makes the video’s content perfect, so finding good voice actors is crucial for the finishing touches.

However, we must admit that it is not so easy to find a good voice. Everyone wants to be different and what distinguishes something from others is uniqueness.

Here an AI voice actor scores in a voice game first

Let’s not even talk about how realistic voice generator is or how cost-effective it is. You can get that information without reading this article, and your time is much more valuable than that.

It is quite easy to create a new voice that does not exist in this world with AI voice actors. Unlike a person’s innate voice that represents someone, we can mix and match your favorite voice by layering different types of voices with an AI voice actor.

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Imagine you are preparing for your big day by dressing up. All you have to do is find the best combination of your wardrobe to wear.

In this case, the wardrobe is like a shopping mall where all kinds of clothes are ready for you and you can find the most beautiful AI voices by combining what you like best for your purpose.

“But I just want a normal, but a natural voice.”

And this is where a human voice actor scores in this game

People used to like to say that AI voices do not have emotions. But unfortunately, this is no longer true at all because they can act and perform more than we think.

There is even a technology called text-to-speech with emotion that AI can be used to create expressive speech.

When a person says something sarcastically, it makes the sentence spoken by a person really interesting. To be precise, the best actors play very naturally, without trying to be anyone else. They simply become the characters they play and immerse themselves in the movies or shows.

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Do you think AI voice actors can give you that feeling? I doubt that very much at the moment.

What should I use then? Should I hire a human voice actor or create an AI voice?

It depends on how you want to use the voice. If you are creating a new story or a new character that no one has seen yet? Then the freshness of an AI audio generator is definitely a plus for you.

Many virtual human or virtual influencers gain their popularity from the expectations of people who always want a fresh look and trendy, technical things.

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If you want to avoid the risk and just create the normal content that everyone already knows, you can look for the most popular voice actors in the industry. Even though they sound the same and you might know their voice from this and that commercial, it’s a safe option.

The gamechanger?

We never know what will produce the better result for us until it actually happens, but those who take a risk and do something others dare not do are the ones who succeed first.

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