How to Make an Advertisement Video

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If you are looking for ways to promote your brand in an effective and creative way, one of the common marketing approaches marketers use is an advertisement video. Videos are not only a great attention grabber but also help increase brand awareness and generally improve understanding of their brand and products.

So, what exactly is an advertisement video?

“Video advertising is a marketing strategy that involves creating a short and informative video that promotes a product and is played before, during, or after the main video. It helps tell a story, improve sales volume, create buzz, convey information concisely and captivatingly, and reach a wider audience” 

Sendpulse, 2022

According to a research by Biteable, 69% of internet users prefer video content rather than other mediums when learning about new products. This may be due to the fact that videos are easily digestible, accompanied by text and video which allows them to absorb information quicker and better. 

Why should you use an advertisement video?

youtube increasing brand awareness

From the company’s perspective, an advertisement video, often known as a promotional video, is an effective marketing strategy to use to increase brand recognition and sales. Advertisement videos can be a creative way to tell the brand’s story to the public. Your brand’s history or good deeds can of course be explained via text on your website, but would people be interested to read a bulk of text?

With interesting video content, try using a narrator online to explain further. This would be more interactive and eye-catching when it comes to marketing your product and explaining your brand rather than having long paragraphs posted on your website.

YouTube advertising videos or any type of promotional videos help brands communicate faster and users also tend to absorb information faster. Also, given that social media platforms now take up a significant portion in the marketing landscape, one good viral video can skyrocket social shares and establish higher brand awareness.

Along with the increased number of social media users, a brand’s advertisement video is likely to be watched by a wider audience and with the repost or share feature on social media, you could expand your audience on an international level as well. 

Furthermore, video content can help you rank better on Google, Naver and any other search platforms. Consequently, you will be able to attain organic traffic and likely a great click-through rate if a good working marketing strategy has been implemented along with the video content. 

Types of advertisement video

youtube video

Prior to launching an advertisement video, you first have to explore and understand characteristics of each video advertising type. Each ad type has different audiences and user intention, therefore it is important for brands to choose a channel that best fits its scope, product and goal. 

YouTube Advertising

YouTube has become the most used platform when users search for video content. It is the platform that users refer to acquire new information but also to kill time with entertainment videos.

Since there are a lot of worldwide users, it is seen as a highly cost-effective approach for brands to deliver their story, or to inform users of their products or services. You could also gain user statistics and analysis of their behaviors via Google.

TrueView Ads

TrueView ads generally appear at the beginning, middle or at the end of the video and users have the choice to skip it. This short form of advertisement video is also a cost-effective method and helps gain a lot of brand exposure to a wide range of audience. 

Bumper Ads

Another form of YouTube advertising video is the bumper ads. This is a short video that runs up to 6 seconds and is likewise played before, in the missing or after a video. However the difference between bumper ads and TrueView ads is the user’s inability to skip the ad. 

Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-roll YouTube advertising videos can last for more than 15 seconds. So, if you are looking to tell your brand’s story, or to provide educational or entertainment value to your viewers, this might be the best choice.

Since the YouTube advertising platform is linked with Google, you could easily use Google adwords to create and improve your ads campaign.

How to make an advertisement video

Now that you have explored various types of ads, it is time to create your advertisement video. Before jumping into filming the video, ensure that you have a solid plan. Try to ask yourself the purpose of the video, are you trying to inform viewers of your brand and its products? Are you promoting a new release? Are you trying to inform viewers of special offers or promotions?

brainstorming session

Depending on your goal, you could write a script and plan out what you would like to share with your viewers and how you want to do it. The voice and the content of your video works like a brand ambassador. It will be the face of your brand, which people will use to judge and make a decision on whether to get to know your brand more or not.

After you filmed your video, you have to now enter the post production stage. There are various online video editing tools that you could use to create your ad. For example, Biteable offers a template, customizable option, branding and also allows you to post on YouTube directly.

Another option is Canva. You could easily create a professional advertisement video in different formats specialized for Facebook, YouTube and so much more. Canva also offers video editing options such as color correction that improves the details in the footage. 

If you are looking to do an educational video, try to screen record on Mac or other devices. Demonstration videos also work best for how-to videos, but also for software demos. This type of advertisement video would be effective towards professionals who already know what they want and are seeking for products that best meet their needs. 

Now that you have a better understanding of advertisement videos, get started on your first creative ad!

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