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How to Use a Scary Voice for Text to Speech

woman scared from scary text to speech voice

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Using a scary voice via text to speech can be a great way to make your content and audio more interesting.

Utilizing online AI text to speech generators like Typecast will allow you to create a wide variety of voices, many of which are perfect for creating a spooky atmosphere.

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Start by visiting our voice editor here! You don’t need an account to try our service first.
  2. You can clear the template by highlighting everything and hitting backspace.
  3. Choose your voice actor by selecting the image of the current actor, then click Add actor.
  4. Select your actor based on their settings.
  5. Type out your script and adjust the tone and pitch to get a more ominous voice.

When you’re first getting started, it’s important to experiment with different voices and find one that fits the character you’re trying to create.

You can always change the settings on the character voice generator to get a different sound, so don’t be afraid to play around until you find something you like.

As you become more comfortable using Typecast’s voice generator online, you’ll be able to create even more convincing voices that will add an extra layer of excitement to your text-to-speech audio.

So have fun, and get creative!

typecast audiobook template for text to speech editor

1. Start by visiting our voice editor

Trying out our service first is simple and takes just a few moments. Simply go to the top of the home page and select any of the templates such as Audio Book or Education.

You can also just jump straight into our AI voice editor here!

Alternatively, you can sign up and then use our service as well.

typecast editor scary story

2. Clear the template

Once you’re in the editor via one of our templates, you’ll need to clear the text if you want to write your own script.

Or just use the one that is provided if you only care about how the voices sound.

It’s up to you!

typecast editor character select

3. Choose your voice actor by selecting “add actor”

Choosing a text to speech actor with a scary voice on Typecast is a breeze.

You can search for the perfect voice by scrolling through the list of options or using the filter tool for:

  • Gender
  • Emotional expression
  • Tone expression
  • Age
  • Content
  • Mood

Whether you’re looking to make avatar videos or put a TTS voice behind a video you shot yourself, there are plenty of scary voices to choose from.

Selecting a voiceover narration meant for gaming and animation could give you some great options for a spooky character, and depending on your intentions, both male and female characters could be used as spooky options.

typecast AI voice character menu

4. Select your actor based on their settings

When you’ve found the voice you want to use, click Add actor to bring them into your project.

You can adjust the tone and pitch of their voice to create the perfect sound for your purposes by selecting the Settings option next to their name.

There are a few ideal scary character text to speech voices like:

  • P-0150N
  • Neoguard
  • Edward
  • Vincent
  • Ryan
  • Duke

Each of these voices can be enhanced by using the tonepitch, and inflection settings to make them sound even more spooky.

typecast editor scary text to speech script

5. Type out your script and adjust the tone and pitch a more ominous voice

Now it’s time to input your type to voice script.

The input box allows you to type out what you want your character to say, and you can use the tone and pitch options to make their voice sound more spooky.

Be sure to experiment with these settings until you get the perfect sound.

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