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Instagram, as one of the most used social media platforms, constantly updates new features based on user feedback and engagement to improve their experience. Previously, highly-edited and carefully filtered photos were uploaded as posts. However, nowadays, users are looking for new Instagram story ideas.

Why an Instagram story? Instead of staged or posed photos, people are more keen to share their daily life at that instant moment. They want raw, unedited and personal content that others could resonate with. Also, there is less pressure to take that one perfect shot since stories disappear after 24 hours. 

According to statistics by SproutSocial, over 500 million users use Instagram’s story feature on a daily basis. This means that around 86.6% of Instagram users post stories, quickly elevating stories as Instagram’s best features. And for this reason, 61% of the users use Instagram stories to see what their friends are up to in real-time. 

Instagram Story Ideas to increase engagement

You want to make sure that your followers won’t get bored of your content. Especially if you are on a creator or business account! Gain more followers on Instagram by creating and posting something that is meaningful and engaging.

For example, audio is an important segment for any type of video content. If you are promoting a product or your brand, try to do a voiceover that could help users gain more information about what you are showing. This is more effective than having a bulk of text as your Instagram story background or having paragraphs in the corner. Users will most likely skip to watch other users’ stories.

There are two ways to add audio to your Instagram Stories. First method is to use an in-app voice filter that is either created by other users or provided by Instagram. Another way to include voiceover on your story is to use a third party application.

In-app Voice Filter

Unlike Instagram’s Reels feature, you can not manually add voiceover after the recording is finished. You have to record the video and voice together. However, they offer voice filters if you are not too comfortable listening to your own voice on recordings! 

  1. Open Instagram and slide the screen to the right to view the Story option.
instagram story record video
  1. Click on Effects gallery and type ‘Voice’
instagram story effects gallery voice search
  1. Try various voice filters and decide on your favorite one! 
instagram story effects gallery
  1. Then press down on the button in the middle to record
iphone video recording
  1. If you like the recording, hit Upload

There are a lot of voice effects that other users created and shared with the public, but also there are five voice effects that Instagram also offers. Explore Announcer, Helium, Giant, Robot and Vocalist effects that Instagram shared!

instagram story video effects

AI Actor Voice Filter

If you are looking to post more professional content, you would most likely stay away from robot voice filters. Using an inappropriate voice filter that does not suit your content may cause user retention for many reasons. For one, it may make you seem unprofessional, childish and may be considered as a joke to your followers. 

One good Instagram story idea is to use an AI actor or fake person generator for your voice overs. This may require additional steps to post your Instagram story, but it would make your content look a lot better and is suitable for any line of business as well. 

For this, you would have to record separate video and audio then combine them together using a third party application other than Instagram. Once you have the video and audio combined together, you can then post and share on Instagram story. 

All these efforts for a content that lasts for 24 hours only? It almost definitely does not sound efficient at all if you put it this way. However, if you save stories as highlights, it will appear right below your profile. This way, you are able to have them posted on your profile permanently. You could even post a series since they will all be saved under one highlight. 

AI Actor Voice Selection

There are a lot of online AI voice filters that you could easily find and use. Typecast and numerous other companies offer AI voice technology, ranging from anime voice changer to news anchors, which you could use to enhance the overall quality of your Instagram stories. 

If you are looking to post an audiobook, the tone of the narrator matters significantly. If they talk too fast, users might not understand as clearly, if the voice is a bit squeaky, users might find this annoying.

Justin, a new character offered by Typecast, has a soft voice that adds a soothing atmosphere to your podcast or audiobook. Depending on the content of your audiobook, use different actors to bring your story to life.

For example, If you are looking to do more festive content, try their Halloween edition voice actors. Characters like Sabrina the Witch or Killian the Vampire are the most famous Halloween characters that Typecast offers. The option to mix emotions in their voices makes it even more spooky, so try it out if you are looking for scary and eerie Instagram story ideas! 

Instagram Story Game Ideas

Another way to make users engaged with your content more is to host a simple game. Instagram offers features such as the Poll sticker or Question Box. With this feature, you could host a ‘Would you rather’ game where you give your followers two options that they have to choose from. 

instagram story stickers
instagram story QA sticker

Instagram story games do not necessarily have to be “played” on the platform. You could create challenges for people to do and share on their own Instagram stories. This works similarly with TikTok challenges that celebrities started.
In this article, we explored various Instagram story ideas for you to create and share content that drives higher user engagement. This is a crucial element for creators and businesses, but also for personal account holders.

After all, Instagram is a platform which we use to promote ourselves and to inform others of what we have been up to.

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