How to Make a YouTube Intro

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Every minute, around 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Over 2 billion people all around the world collectively watch one billion hours of YouTube videos everyday. So, how can you grab people’s attention in this competitive market? A really good YouTube intro video.

A YouTube intro is a short clip that is around 5 to 12 seconds long that plays at the beginning of your YouTube video. They usually consist of title, branded content or features accompanied with snippets of music. 

Just like TV series or animation, where they have an opening video that plays before the actual episode, that is exactly how YouTube intro works! When viewers click on your video, the first part they will watch prior to the main content is the intro video.

Why should you make a YouTube intro video?

A study shows that around 82% of all global online traffic comes from video marketing. YouTube intro video is a perfect feature to give your viewers a sneak peek into your main content and to set a tone for your video.

The first 12 seconds will determine whether the viewer would like to stay and finish watching your video or if they think they could find other videos with better content. YouTube intro sets an overall vibe and aesthetic for your channel and that is what viewers use to make a decision on whether or not they would like to watch your video.

Also, if you are looking to post frequently, having a proper YouTube intro video will bring a sense of uniformity and professionalism especially on your video playlist. Create a YouTube intro template for yourself and reuse it each time you create a YouTube video content! 

It also sets you apart from an influx of other YouTube videos, it is a chance to introduce yourself and channel, bring individuality and also works as a great branding material. 

What should you include on your YouTube intro video?

Content creators sometimes underestimate the power of YouTube intro videos because they are short and may seem like a no-brainer. However, it is the tiny details that drive to viewer retention.

First of all, ensure that your video is set in an aspect ratio of 16:9. YouTube will not automatically reconfigure your video to match with its ideal ratio. If your video is not saved in the right aspect ratio and format (MP4 or MOV), it may appear distorted or pixelated. 

Also, if you are looking to include background music to your video, make sure to double check for license and copyright. Have a look at YouTube’s terms of service and ensure that you are following their regulations and rules. If you do not abide by YouTube’s regulations, you might risk your video being taken down! 

Although the maximum length of YouTube intro video is 12 seconds, you might want to keep it brief. Do not feel pressured to introduce yourself and content all in all together on the intro video. Some content creators suggest to keep it to around 3.5 seconds for your YouTube intro video, if it is too long it might lead to viewer retention. 

Another factor that you should keep in mind is clarity. Keep your texts short and concise. Layout your texts and logo in a spacious manner so that you would not overwhelm your viewers with a bulk of information. 

Animation works as a great eye-catching factor. However, too much animation or too fonky animation might distract the viewers. Again, you want to keep it simple and concise!

Explore YouTube Intro Making Software

There are a lot of free tools that you could use to create your YouTube intro video. For example, Canva offers a wide variety of free YouTube intro templates that you could choose to start your design. They also offer basic editing tools from resizing your video to adding text and music to your video. 

If you want to make it more aesthetic, try Canva’s YouTube intro animations. You can add a wide range of ready-made animated graphic stickers onto your video to make your YouTube intro videos more interesting and eye-catching. 

Another YouTube intro maker you could use to create an intro video for free of charge is Adobe Express. Likewise, with Canva, they offer numerous templates, and the option to customize and upload directly to YouTube or any other social media channels. 

Some influencers upload their YouTube intro video on their Instagram story or post. This way, they not only inform their followers of the newest video upload but also increase their chances of having more views on their video. Try uploading your intro video on Instagram directly from Adobe Express. It is a fast and easy way to attract more view counts!

Download the Adobe Express application either on your laptop or mobile then drag and drop videos and images on your timeline. Explore the ‘Themes’ category and choose a template that best resonates with the vibe you would like to convey. 

As a finishing touch, you could embed music from their library or upload one of your own. Once you are done, hit save and instantly download your YouTube intro video as an MP4 format file.

If you wish to be extra creative, try changing the background of your video. If you have plain white wallpaper as your background it would not be as interesting as having animated text or a beautiful landscape. 

Adobe After Effects offers preset green screen effects that allows you to change the background of your video to a photo or video of your choice. For example, even if you filmed your intro in your room, you could make it look like you were in Paris with this effect. 

Try setting your backdrop with an image that is more relevant to the content of your video. By doing so, your viewers will immediately know what you will discuss in your video, and it will also be more effective in capturing their attention.

One of the perks of using free tools is that they are easy to use and they save a lot of time. If you are a beginner, you will most likely spend the vast majority of your time wondering where to start and how to get started. However, these tools come with pre-made templates where you just need to drag and drop your clips.

Also, the option to customize each theme works greatly to your advantage. With music, text, animation, and filters, even if you opt-in for their free YouTube intro templates, most of the users would not notice that you used a ready-made template. 

You could customize little details as well. If you are looking to create branded content, then it might come to your advantage if you learn how to install fonts on Adobe Premiere Pro or Canva. Download your brand’s designated font and apply it to your YouTube intro video. This could create a sense of consistency and branding. 

If the YouTube intro is the introduction to your video content, then you should probably have a conclusion to your video as well. This is called a YouTube outro. However, it pretty much works the same way as an intro video.

Prepare a short and concise outro video to provide a nice wrap-up of your content to your readers. If you are looking to post more videos, try including the intro of your next video as an outro for your current upload. This way you can give your viewers a sneak peek into your next content and keep them excited!

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