How Can I Make an Educational Video?

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Educational videos are materials that can be used to teach people, and they help people of all ages learn something, whether it has a positive or negative impact.

Online education, in particular, can reach an unlimited number of people as long as someone who wants to learn or needs to learn has an Internet connection. Therefore, it is important to create and deliver knowledge in the form of educational videos.

Even though there are already good, free educational videos available, there comes a time when we want or need to create our online videos. This article is for anyone who wants to create their online videos in a simple way using existing technologies such as AI vocal generatorvoice-over, or AI avatar.

How to create a simple, educational video

You do not have to worry about not having editing skills. As long as you have an image of what you want to convey, the video is doable. When you convert text to voice, all you need to do is type for a professional voice actor to speak your educational material.

Typecast has more than 400 voices from children to elderly people. Listen to the audio samples, and choose what best fits your content and audience.

When creating content aimed at children, it’s good to use children’s voices to better relate to the audience and the situation in which you’re trying to convey something. For example, one of the Typecast user groups consists of teachers who create educational materials for children such as e-learning videos.

Cast actors for your educational video

When a person engages with the video, it seems more genuine. Casting actors and recording what you want is not only costly but time-consuming.

Fortunately, you can cast virtual people instead of real people if you want to create a video with actors.

With the Typecast video product, you can use AI actors whenever you want and wherever you want. All you have to do is type your text, and the AI actors will speak your content with natural facial expressions and human-like voices with emotional features.

  1. Choose the best actor for your content.
  2. Type your content.
  3. Listen to how it looks and sounds.
  4. Download in MP4 format.

Type your script and cast AI voice actors & avatars

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